Writers Workshop: Procrastination

Normally, I try to get my Writers Workshop entry written so that it can be posted to the blog at around 3 AM Eastern on Thursday. Of course, you know what happens: something invariably comes up and that doesn’t get done. Right now, it’s 11 PM as I finally sit down to write this…

Mary had to get up early the last couple of mornings, meaning I had to set the alarm so that she could start my leg pump and still have time to shower, dress, and make sure I have everything I need before she leaves. I had to be ready by 7 on Wednesday and 8:45 this morning. So, naturally, I didn’t get to sleep until almost 4 AM Wednesday and 3 AM this morning.

Have you noticed that, when you’re running on little sleep, the words just don’t seem to come to you, and you find yourself doing everything besides writing? I had a fine time today, watching YouTube videos, listening to my current favorite radio station, The Breeze from Australia (it’s generally the same broadcast all over the country, with local commercials and news between the music), and hoping that maybe I could drop off to sleep during the afternoon, which of course I couldn’t (though I did manage to get a nap in during Jeopardy!). But, no writing.

So, the prompt was "share something you keep putting off." There’s mine. Maybe as I feel up to it I’ll do one or two other prompts. Or maybe not…

17 thoughts on “Writers Workshop: Procrastination

  1. Sleep deprivation isn’t very good prep for productivity. Although if you go too long without sleep, you could have some very blog-worthy hallucinations!


  2. Paraphrasing one of the greats. Twain or Wilde. Never put off today which you can put off until tomorrow or the day after that and so on and so forth. 😉


  3. The perfect prompt for this post! I hope you’ve managed to get some sleep last night. I go through phases of insomnia – and I function very poorly without sleep. Chocolate is my go-to (but not ideal) solution.


    1. I’m glad I at least got a nap in. It wasn’t more than 15 or 20 minutes, but sometimes that’s even better than a full night’s sleep, if you can thoroughly relax (and I can, most of the time). I’ve considered things like transcendental meditation, but haven’t really picked up on it…


  4. I don’t know f this applies to anything you have said above, but it reminded me of a personal belief that I still live by: If it doesn’t get done in the morning it doesn’t get done!


  5. I rarely suffer from writer’s block and I have distractions most of the day. During my career, distractions were commonplace so I guess that’s the reason I can handle them now. I have several word docs with ideas for writing poetry, which inspire me when I need a little nudge. Before I closed down my second blog, I copied all of the poems for future use. Viola!


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