Everything is Tickety-Boo #socs

The first time I worked with a guy from Canada, he used a word that I had never heard before: "tickety-boo." We were compiling some programs and he was checking the return codes (numbers telling the results of the compile, e.g 0 for a perfect compile, 4 for a compile with warnings etc.), he would say "everything’s tickety-boo here!" I understood what he meant, but just had never heard that expression before…

Maybe I’m being a little pedantic here, but although "book" begins with b-o-o, it rhymes with "cook" or "brook" (a short "oo" sound) and not with "tool" and, well, "boo." You do you, but I’m going to avoid using "book." Of course, I could always pronounce it like Paul’s grandfather (played by Wilfrid Brambel) in A Hard Day’s Night

"Boob" has two meanings (maybe more, I don’t know), one being a slang term for a woman’s breast, and the other being a real idiot. My grandmother used that one a lot, particularly when talking about Chicago politicians. We went to see her when she moved in with my uncle in Ohio, and he told me that she would sit in her room (she was pretty well crippled with arthritis by then) watching WGN from Chicago on cable, and yelling at the TV "you’re a boob, Richie Daley!" Richie was Richard M. Daley, son of Richard J. Daley. The elder was mayor of Chicago from 1956 to 1976, the younger was mayor from 1989 to 2011.

I miss Grandma…

Linda Hill runs Stream of Consciousness Saturday. Now a word from Boodle’s Gin. Send for Boodle’s!

Two things: I love that hymn, and I went with a gin commercial this time, although I could have gone with one from Boone’s Farm wines. I remember Boone’s Farm wine because I grew up in the ’70’s. In fact, I’ll just give you a commercial from Boone’s Farm Strawberry Hill wine. One sip, and it’s Strawberry Hills forever…

28 thoughts on “Everything is Tickety-Boo #socs

  1. Oh man, I used to used Tickedy-Boo quite a bit and thought that was everywhere but I guess, like pop and Zed, it is a Canadian thing. I love a Hard Day’s Night but I really hated that old coot. Love the Grandma on the motorcycle which reminds me of the bad grandmas from Monty Python.


    1. “Hell’s Grannies”!

      Wilfrid Brambel was great in AHDN, as annoying as he was. The scene with him locked up in the guard’s cage was priceless.


  2. What a fun post! I like that hymn, too, especially the way it builds as he’s walking up the hill. And the Boones Farm commercial brings back memories. I sometimes yell at the TV when I’m alone. I imagine I will yell at it much more when I’m really old.


    1. Those British patriotic songs – “Jerusalem,” “Land of Hope and Glory,” “Rue Brittania,” “God Save The Queen/King” etc. – get under your skin, don’t they?

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  3. My grandmother used Tickety Boo an awful lot. Not really used anymore – I’d forgotten about it.


  4. I am glad someone else remembers Boone’s Farm. The gin commercial was cool even though I have never heard of the brand. I loved the memory about your grandmother.

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  5. I was thinking of kit and caboodle. I never heard of Boodles gin but then I don’t drink gin. Tickety boo is a funny expression. I have heard that once occasionally on British shows. Makes sense Canadians would use it too.

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