A Halloweeny Week That Was

Following on with yesterday’s theme of "boo," here’s a word from General Mills, makers of Frankenberry, Count Chocula, and new Boo-Berry Cereal!

That is the first commercial for Boo-Berry. You can actually recognize mediocre voice impressions of Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, and Peter Lorre in that commercial, can’t you?

I may need to move to a new set of commercials. I’ve been using beer commercials for the last several months, and I think I’m re-running the same ones over and over, kind of like Cozi TV with reruns of Columbo.

No matter how you look at it, the year is 83% over. Tomorrow is November already, and at the end of next week we’re going to experience our first nighttime lows in the upper 30’s (that’s around 3° for all you centigrade fans). We end Daylight Saving Time next Sunday at 2 AM, so it’s time to reset your internal clock. Those of you in the Southern Hemisphere (specifically in Australia) started summer time at the start of October.

Let’s get to the summary of the week.

As Guest Conductor for MMMM in October, I chose the theme for today, which was to do a musical acrostic, where the first letters of each song title spelled out "PUMPKIN SPICE" (or just "PUMPKIN"). Those are always fun, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. I’ll be Guest Conductor again next year. You have been warned.

Incidentally, I’d like to welcome anyone who wants to join us on Monday. We have a lot of fun and share some great music. Every other week is a freebie, where you can share any music you’d like, and we have a list which Cathy over at Curious As A Cathy maintains that has the themes for the other weeks. December is what I like to call "The X-Mas Music Xtravaganza!" where we share Christmas songs every week. She also has the Linky where participants check in their weekly entries so we can find y’all. Give it some thought!

This week, we shared what we wouldn’t want to run into in the forest or in an abandoned building, whether we believe in multiple dimensions and/or worlds, whether we’d visit a graveyard at night, the most frightening book we’ve ever read, and what kind of Halloween pet we’d like to have. For that last question, I answered a black cat, as did most of the rest of us.

Did a summary of Season 1 episode "How To Cook A German Goose By Radar."

We ran down the #11-20 songs on the 1986 year-end Hot 100. This week, 1987.

Shared a one-liner that emphasized the current ages of the stars of the movie The Matrix and what they’d take besides the red pill or blue pill.

This week, Mary wanted a song with a boy’s name in the title, a song with an animal in the title, and a song with your favorite color in the title. I shared two songs from Bireli Lagrene’s 1988 album Foreign Affairs, if you’re interested in hearing the whole thing.

One of the prompts was to write about something we keep putting off, and since I had been putting off writing my Writer’s Workshop entry, I wrote about putting that off. Sometimes these things write themselves…

I had featured a song by Neal Hefti for the song of the day, the theme from the TV show Batman. Reader Bernard Greenberg commented that there wasn’t anything particularly special about the song, and thinking about it, he was right. So I featured Hefti for Five for Friday, because I needed to hear more by him, too.

We were to center our writing on something that had the letters "boo" in it. I took that for a good long walk…

Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties that will take a lot more time to fix than I have at the moment, I’m not able to generate the list like I usually do. So, thank you to everyone who left a comment or a "like" for me. I appreciate you all! And that’s it for this edition of The Week That Was!

6 thoughts on “A Halloweeny Week That Was

  1. I know I missed some your posts. I love Count Chocula and used to have that all the time. It was sad when they went away. I never like Boo Berry. I was probably the only kid who knew who the voices were.


  2. Now I’m having a craving for those cereals. Do they still make them? I remember the advertising, but I cannot recall ever having tried any of the flavors. Sounds up my alley these days.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


    1. They’re sold seasonally, which I take to mean around Halloween, which means drop everything and run to the nearest store (Safeway? Albertson’s? Lucky? Farmer John’s?) and buy their remaining stock…


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