Go Braves! #LinerWeds

Congratulations to my hometown team, the Atlanta Braves, on winning the World Series and becoming Major League Baseball’s World Champions for 2021!

Linda Hill runs One-Liner Wednesday and does a great job. Now a word from Reese’s Puffs cereal, part of every complete breakfast!

Wonder what the Recommended Daily Allowance is for chocolate?

20 thoughts on “Go Braves! #LinerWeds

  1. I’m jealous! Wouldn’t a White Sox – Braves been a dream match up for you? Anyway, glad to see you get this one. For me its – wait til next year!


    1. I thought this might be the year for a Braves-White Sox series. Unfortunately, there are those pesky playoffs. in the ’90’s, the Sox would play two games in Atlanta at the end of Spring Training, and it was fun to see that. The first year was ’94, and both the Sox and the Braves had lost in the playoffs the previous year. Let’s hope we see it next year…


    1. The Astros will probably always be known as “the team that cheated their way to a World Series title,” so beating them is that much better. Even better, no one thought the Braves would go all the way, not even me: they spent most of the first half of the season at .500 or below, and they lost Acuña, Soroka, Ozuna, and d’Arnaud for half the season, and I didn’t think they’d finish higher than third. It was as though they were the Wild Card team… but then, Wild Cards have won a few times…

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  2. Haha
    I wonder about the daily allowance for chocolate too – but what people forget is that chocolate with sugar is not as healthy as some think (especially if someone has health problems) so I think chocolate without sugar (stevia or xylitol or something safe )
    And congrats on your team’s success

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      1. I was shocked when I learned that taste buds could change and adapt – funny what I like now compared to back a while –
        And I cringe to imagine some of the vending machine food I ate decades ago / blah!

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