Reelin’ In The Years #socs

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I didn’t have any reading material on my table, but I did have a bottle of antacid tablets, so I stuck my finger down in the middle of "Adults and children 12 years and over," so my word is "years," or "year" when I want it to be.

2021 is coming to a close, and soon we’ll have a new year, 2022. I’m wondering what the new year will bring. Will we finally get our arms around the whole Covid-19 thing and knock it out completely, or will we still be running around in masks and pushing the vaccines on people? I won’t hazard a guess. I think we’ll just have to wait and see what happens, I’m afraid.

This has been a good year for the Atlanta Braves, who are World Series champions for the first time since 1995. They’ve been World Champions (I know, there’s a lot more world than the northern half of the Western Hemisphere) four times, once when they were the Boston Braves (1914), once while in Milwaukee (1957), and now twice in Atlanta. Their main objective for the winter is to re-sign Freddie Freeman, the team’s All-Star first baseman, who has already stated that he’d like to stay here, but again, money talks.

Personally, I like standing here and being able to see the end of the year. I’m especially looking forward to the last week of the year, which is always our favorite. Christmas is over, New Year’s Day (and New Year’s Eve) is ahead of us, and everything is coming to a close. We never used to start anything new during the last week: we always figured "we’ll start it next year."

Enjoy what’s left of 2021…

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16 thoughts on “Reelin’ In The Years #socs

  1. Thanks for the earworm…I think of that song every time I grab some macadamia nuts. I could be on an island of my own, but I have so much hope that the end of the madness we’ve been through will come to us before the end of this year. I have my 2022 calendar ready to embrace a new year too!


  2. Might be my favorite Steely Dan song. The last week of the year is quite enjoyable we’ve only recently learned. Great post.


    1. I like that last week because it’s kind of a blow-off week. We blow off cooking and anything that looks like work and just hang around. They used to have some pretty good TV around that time, but TV is really a waste of time anymore…

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      1. That is exactly what we are looking forward to, just hanging around. Maybe to stream something old in place the what is lacking in today’s TV?


  3. Good way to work the prompt! I thought the years would go slower after I retired, but they seem to keep barreling right along.


  4. I added a nod to your Braves on my post, John. Congratulations! I saw your title and wondered how you got to Steely Dan. A good romp through the year. For a shorter time span, I hope you have a nice weekend.


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