The Standard Time Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is brought to you by Purina Cat Chow. Chow chow chow!

Back on Standard Time, which most of the Northern Hemisphere is by now, and boy, ain’t it great?

I think we all know who won the World Series by now, so I won’t talk about that.

So, that leads us up to the review of the week…

Since last Monday was All Saints’ Day, I shared songs with "saint" in the title. The post was comprised of two such playlists, one was the one I put together, the other was made up of songs my readers suggested. I like weeks like that…

Evil Squirrel put together the questions this week: what the first popular song was that we took a liking to, whether or not we get squeamish at the sight of blood, what we felt was lurking behind us, the gaudiest thing we’ve ever worn, something we did that got us in serious trouble when we were kids, and what we’re looking forward to as the festive part of the year descends upon us.

We covered the #11-20 of 1987.

I’ll be counting the votes tomorrow at noon and announcing the winner of my latest Battle of the Bands, which is between Mariah Carey and Jody Watley. If you want to vote, make sure you get it to me by then.

My one-liner, naturally, celebrated the World Series Champion Atlanta Braves, who earned that title late Tuesday night.

Our prompt was a doggie celebrating his birthday, and I talked about how, even though we’re cat people, we like dogs, too, and how I traumatized Mary’s dog Napoleon (she won him in a French Club raffle) by grabbing his nose and making a beeping sound, and how he got back at me by taking me on a long walk early one morning when it was colder than a polar bear’s butt…

I wrote a ten-line post that talked about my latest adventures with Scrivener, and finding a whole trove of fictional stuff that I wrote many years ago and having a really great time reading it. Maybe I’ll share some with y’all, if you’re really good…

John Barry, who won Academy Awards for his musical scores for films such as Born Free, Out Of Africa, and Dances With Wolves, was the featured artist.

It was one of those weeks where Linda had us find some reading material, close our eyes and point at a word, and use that word to kick off a post. I used the back of an antacid bottle (which should tell you something about my general gastrointestinal health) and found the word "years," so I wrote about that.