MMMM: Happy November Birthday!

Exactly one year ago today, Robin was the guest conductor of the MMMM train, and she asked for songs from musicians born in November in honor of her daughter who celebrates a birthday in November. This year, Driller is our November guest conductor, and since he celebrates his birthday later this month, he would also like a playlist of songs by people born in November, so how can we refuse?

I made sure to use new artists this year, but we’re still using the same list

  1. Pride Of Lions, "Carry Me Back": Former Ides of March and current Pride of Lions guitarist and singer Jim Peterik turned 71 last Saturday. He and Toby Hitchcock share the lead vocal on "Carry Me Back." One of my favorite songs, and videos. This is a tremendous power ballad, and Maria Salerno, the beautiful young woman who dances throughout, makes the video so good…

  2. Joe Walsh, "Ordinary Average Guy": Joe turns 74 on the 20th. This is the title track of Joe’s 1991 album, his 9th studio effort.

  3. Dr. John, "Such A Night": Dr. John, whose real name is Mac Rebennack, passed away a couple of years ago, but he’d be 80 on the 20th. "Such A Night" was the flip side of his hit single from the mid-’70’s, "Right Place, Wrong Time." It was originally recorded back in 1953 by Clyde McPhatter and The Drifters. This was filmed for the 1976 movie The Last Waltz, The Band’s final hurrah.

  4. Norman Greenbaum, "Spirit In The Sky": Celebrating Birthday Number 79 on the 20th, Norman Greenbaum wrote this song after watching a televangelist. Turns out, he’s Jewish.

  5. Duane Allman, "No Money Down": Duane’s been gone 50 years now, but he’d be 74 on the 20th. This is from an unreleased album he recorded in the late ’60’s, a song originally done by Chuck Berry.

  6. Frank Ifield, "I’ll Remember You": As I recall, Vee Jay Records wanted to be the US distributor for Frank’s records, and Parlophone agreed as long as Vee Jay would distribute an unknown Liverpool group named The Beatles. The British-Australian country singer turns 84 on the 30th. This was his biggest hit in the US, peaking at #5.

  7. Thunderclap Newman, "Something In The Air": Andy "Thunderclap" Newman was keyboard player and headed up the band that bears his name. had he not died five years ago, he’d be 79 on the 21st. "Something In The Air" was their best-known hit, peaking at #1 in the UK in 1969. It was used at the climax of the 1969 movie The Magic Christian; the scene is kind of gross…

  8. C. W. McCall, "Convoy": Outlaw country singer Williamm Dale Fries Jr., better known as C. W. McCall, will be 93 next Monday. "Convoy" was released in 1975 at the peak of the CB Radio craze in the US. The song reached #1 in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

  9. Texas, "Say What You Want": Texas singer Sharleen Spiteri turned 54 on Saturday. Despite the name, the band is from Scotland, and Sharleen was born in Finnieston, Glasgow, Scotland. "Say What You Want" reached #3 in the UK, #11 in Australia, #14 in Ireland, and #3 in Spain in 1997.

  10. Bonnie Raitt, "Nick Of Time": Blues singer and guitarist (and daughter of John Raitt) Bonnie Raitt turned 72 yesterday. "Nick of Time" was not an especially successful record sales-wise, but peaked at #10 on the Adult Contemporary chart and won her the Best Female Pop Performance Grammy in 1990.

And while I’m here, let me wish my brother Kip and his daughter, the lovely Aisling, happy birthday this month. Kip’s is this Saturday, and I forget when my niece’s was…

That’s Monday’s Music Moves Me for November 8, 2021.

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17 thoughts on “MMMM: Happy November Birthday!

  1. John,

    I should’ve check last year’s November line up like you. I had forgotten that Robin picked the same theme. That’s cool how you used the same list but different songs. Great idea! As you might have guessed, I’m playing catch up now that I’m back from our staycation. I’m going to let your playlist continue in the background while I busy myself with other tasks like I so often do. I really do enjoy doing this as it makes my work more fun. Have a boogietastic week, my friend!


  2. My husband is a Ides of March fan and I’m not sure he knows “Carry Me Back”. It was nice! “Spirit in the Sky” is one of several hit songs in the genre I call (I don’t know the official name) Secular Gospel. I associate “Convoy” with November of 1975 although I just looked it up and it became a hit in January of 1976. I love story songs and this one is one of the better ones, 10-4! I had forgotten all about “Something in the Air”. And Bonnie Raitt is 72? I have a cousin and uncle (my last living uncle, who will be turning 97 in a few days) with November birthdays. I should have taken the opportunity! Never thought of it. Anyway, nice, nice playlist!


    1. Pride of Lions is a relatively new band. Peterik is amazing: he’s kept the Ides going and has about a dozen projects besides. Guy looks like hell for 71; he and Keith Richards could be twins (and will probably outlive everyone else).

      “Spirit In The Sky” is a great song, kind of a combination of psychedelic rock and gospel.

      Glad you liked it!


  3. I enjoyed listening to your array of music here and especially liked Bonnie Raitt. Happy belated birthday greeting to your brother and his daughter. It has been a while but how is your brother doing? I hope his recovery is going well.


  4. Great job John… your first tune I don’t even remember… unless I’ve never heard it before hmmmmmmm…. hahaha Joe Walsh is a great musician, but he’s super silly. Hubby & I saw him once in concert when he came to town here and he was packed and he was absolutely fantastic and yes funny!!! Great show though!!! WOW, Dr. John you make No. 2 person who knows Dr. John… hubby knows of him too… personally I never heard of him for some reason. hmmmmm Anyway, Duane Allman… goodness I haven’t heard that tune in like forever… great tune. Frank Ifield – I Remember You… wow, my big brother use to play this one on his phonograph…. I must say I never heard of “Something In The Air”…. different for sure. “Convoy” always a favorite. My daddy was a trucker and its always a tune my dad always played. Texas, “Say What You Want” Nope, never heard this one for sure… where do you get these tunes John… hehehehe~ Bonnie Raitt, “Nick Of Time” ahhhhhh Bonnie… love her to pieces and I’m glad to know you like her too!!! This is a great tune for sure. You have great day my friend. Sure am glad I’m getting the blog together. Slow process, but I’ll conquer it sooner or later I’m sure. Take care my friend cuz I care!!!


  5. Stunning playlist. Joe Walsh is no “Ordinary Average Guy”. Loved the Dr. John tune. I remember when citizen’s band radios were in almost every car and 18 wheeler on the road. We should have known that cell phones would create an even bigger distraction. One should never miss a chance to listen to Bonnie Raitt. I place her with Ronstadt, Emmy Lou Harris, Rita Coolidge, Dolly Parton, and Sheryl Crowk for great listening music. Thanks for participating this week.


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