Song of the Day: Dorothy Dandridge with Paul White, “Zoot Suit”

The beautiful singer, dancer, and actor Dorothy Dandridge would be 99 years young today. She and her sister Vivian were billed as The Wonder Children and toured in the South before Dorothy was twelve. "Zoot Suit" is a Soundie made with Paul White and Ted Fio Rito and his Orchestra in 1942. It was definitely a product of its time, but still shows their talent as performers and entertainers.

6 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Dorothy Dandridge with Paul White, “Zoot Suit”

  1. I love it! First..excellent voices that really showcases their talent. Dorothy was so pretty but wow, was she thin. It is a product of the time but at least we have this and we should look at the quality of talent. The outfits are horrible though.


    1. It’s sad that so many performers had to take roles that were beneath them because of race. Dorothy Dandridge was a stunning woman and a fine singer and dancer and deserved to be seen by big audiences. The thing was, probably by the late ’40’s it was just a small percentage of Americans who would object vehemently to Black entertainers, but then the law always seems to be twenty years behind public opinion…


        1. I really respect the guys like Benny Goodman and Glenn Miller, who did their best to showcase Black musicians, and Marilyn Monroe, who told a night club owner that she’d be in the audience and bring a bunch of friends whenever Ella Fitzgerald performed, and Ed Sullivan, who stood up to the executives at Cadillac when they complained that he intended to feature Pearl Bailey and other Black perrfomers on his “really big shoe,” and Frank Sinatra, who made it clear to the big hotel owners (as only Frank could) that when Sammy Davis Jr. was playing in their showrooms that he would be staying in the hotel, etc. etc.


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