#1LinerWeds from Dan Antion

From last Saturday’s Stream of Consciousness post. I think this is my new motto.

Linda Hill hosts One-Liner Wednesday. Now a word from Nescafé Regular and Decaffeinated Instant Coffee. We can sure please you!

17 thoughts on “#1LinerWeds from Dan Antion

  1. Thanks John. I’ve been quoted – that’s the best thing that came out of that day.

    I don’t know how the actors could hold those cups (if it really was steaming hot), especially the woman at the end you cradles the cup in her hand.


  2. Just been given a 2nd (newish!) wet-dry vac … how many buckets I’ll need …. is as yet unknown! Coffee definitely will be needed – I don’t drink much … but it is nescafe – sorry everyone! Cheers to you both – HIlary


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