Bring Me Sunshine #socs

Camphor laurel. Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

When I was a kid, and even now to a certain degree, I would get interested in something and had to learn all I could about it. For a while, I was fascinated by potash, so I learned all I could about it (for one thing, it’s pronounced pot-ash and not po-tash). Then it was camphor, because I saw it was an ingredient in many pharmaceuticals, like Carmex and Campho-Phenique. It comes from the camphor laurel tree, and it’s a therapeutic for things like chapped lips, cold sores, and bug bites.

See? Not only entertaining, but educational as well…

There was this British comedy team of Eric Morecambe and Ernie Wise who had a show on the BBC that WGN picked up during the early ’80’s. It was a sort of a variety show with comedy sketches, musical guests (on one of The Beatles Live At The BBC albums, they have the audio from their appearance on Morecambe & Wise) and general craziness. At the end of their show, they would do this little song, "Bring Me Sunshine," that pretty well says it all…

If that brings back any memories, please share in the comments.

Linda Hill hosts Stream of Consciousness Saturday. Now a word from Kentucky Fried Chicken (now just KFC to cover up the fact that it’s f-r-i-e-d). It’s finger-lickin’ good!

20 thoughts on “Bring Me Sunshine #socs

  1. I don’t recall the happiness song, but I definitely had Carmex and Campho-Phenique in the medicine cabinet growing up. Dry lips and mosquito bites were frequently cured with those two products! I do still have Vicks Vap-o-rub, that product helps soooooo many things!


    1. Plus, if you buy one of the larger jars, you have a lifetime supply of Vicks. I’ve heard that rubbing it on your feet and putting socks on before going to bed is pretty much the cure for whatever ails you.

      I don’t think there’s been much of an audience for Morecambe and Wise in this country. They used to make appearances on Ed Sullivan, and WGN got the rights and showed it in the evenings about 40 (ye gods, 40!) years ago. That’s how I remember the song.

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      1. I have a small jar of it now. When our kids were little and bringing cold bugs home, we all used the Vicks to get through the season. I may need to try the on the foot and socks thing…!
        Ed Sullivan show hosted so many interesting people. You have a wonderful memory, I’m impressed how you find all of the entertainers to share with us!

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            1. It’s on at 10 PM Sundays on MeTV and I believe weeknights (check local listings, as they say) on Decades. Ed was a man hwell ahead of his time: his was the first major show to have Elvis and The Beatles on, and over the objections of his sponsors was the first show to prominently feature Black performers.

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              1. Oh, my, that’s way past my bedtime…! 🤣😆😂 Come to think of it, even when I was younger, the good shows were always on after I went to bed. Yes, Ed was ahead of his time.
                On a side note, have you ever written a post about Gene Krupa? Via marriage, I’m supposedly related to him.


  2. Thanks John for the link about the tree – camphor definitely has a distinct head clearing aroma. Bring me Sunshine – always shines bright here in the UK … a fun song from ‘our day’! Cheers Hilary


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