The Mid-November Week That Was

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We’re getting some fall-like weather here. The days are clear, but its been chilly, and at night it’s darn cold. Keep in mind that’s a relative term.

I got fed up with Norton, who had been my VPN provider, and went with NordVPN. I’m much happier now.

I’ve been busy on different writing projects. One in particular is grabbing a lot of my attention. It looks like the finished project will be in the 20 to 25 thousand word range. I have to decide whether it’s something I’m writing to sell or just something I’m doing to entertain myself. The main characters are teenagers (18 year olds), but they don’t talk like teenagers. I like the story, though, and the thing is practically writing itself.

Anyway, here’s what’s been happening at Chez The Sound Of One Hand Typing this week.

Driller, who’s the guest conductor this month and also has a birthday this month, wanted a playlist of people born in November. I came up with ten that were different from the ten I came up with last year.

Melanie wanted to know: how many pillows we sleep with, and if it was more than two, why; the worst thing we could put in a piñata; the noise that annoys us the most; and what we would do if cartoon physics suddenly replaced real physics.

In the battle of dance-pop divas Mariah Carey and Jody Watley, Jody defeated Mariah 8-3.

We counted down the #11-20 records of 1988.

My one-liner this week was supplied by our very own Dan Antion, who had some plumbing issues last week.

The prompt picture was of a dog with a cigarette hanging out of its mouth, so naturally I wrote about smoking, which I would never take up again but which, at times, I miss.

One of the prompts was to talk about our plans for this year’s Thanksgiving dinner. We just finalized our menu, which includes a turkey breast, cranberrry relish (which Mary made and canned last week), mac & cheese, and an apple pie. There’ll probably be a few other things by Thanksgiving.

I featured five songs by Dutch harmonicist Hermine Deurloo.

The prompt this week was words containing "cam," so I talked about CAMphor and played "Bring Me Sunshine" by British comedians MoreCAMbe & Wise.

9 thoughts on “The Mid-November Week That Was

    1. As of about two weeks ago, I wasn’t able to sign on to Norton VPN from either my desktop or laptop, and while I could sign in from my phone, it seems to be dropping regularly and for a while it looked like I’d have to send my phone somewhere to have the Wi-Fi antenna replaced because I couldn’t get into my home network when the VPN went out. I set NordVPN up on my desktop, laptop, and phone on Saturday and have had absolutely no problem. The most I could get out of Norton Support (which sucks, by the way) is “we’re working on it.” NodVPN is faster and more reliable.

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    1. A lot of the stuff I’ve ben writing was stuff I started maybe 10 years ago, after my stroke. We’d be at Starbucks and I’d just type all this stuff into Google Docs. I’ve had Scrivener for about as long, and had a bunch of projects in that that I had forgotten about. I’ve moved the stuff out of Google Docs into Scrivener and have been learning the latter with the former. I wonder how long this will continue…


  1. Congrats on the writing. I have been seriously slacking on the blog because I am busy working on my cards and things for the upcoming holiday boutiques I am participating in. Good thing we don’t have the A to Z in November or December!


  2. Hi John, I haven’t managed to read many blogs this week so I’m catching up now. Your writing project sounds interesting – most of my characters are younger than I am now, they seem to be the age I think I am!

    After reading this post, I’m replaying all my favourite Morecambe and Wise sketches in my head. Yup, I don’t even need YouTube, they’re imbedded 🙂 Have a great Sunday.


    1. I’m at kind of a loss because I feel as though I need to include some teen “slanguage” in there to make it realistic. Maybe I’m obsessing too much over it.

      I wish I had seen more “Eric and Ernie” sketches. I just remember they were funny and I liked the kind of funny they were…

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