MMMM: Potpourri

Not this kind… Image by Deb Douglass from Pixabay

One of the definitions of "potpourri" is "a musical medley," so here are ten songs picked more or less at random for your listening enjoyment.

No descriptions today… here are the songs:

  1. Blood Sweat & Tears, "You’ve Made Me So Very Happy"
  2. Tower of Power, "So Very Hard To Go"
  3. Earth Wind & Fire, "That’s The Way Of The World"
  4. Joe Jackson, "Steppin’ Out"
  5. Rickie Lee Jones, "Chuck E.’s In Love"
  6. Hall & Oates, "She’s Gone"
  7. Simply red, "Holdin’ Back The Years" (Live)
  8. Lee Ritenour, "Is It You?" (lead vocal by Phil Perry)
  9. Diana Krall, "The Look Of Love"
  10. The Motels, "Only The Lonely"

And that’s Monday’s Music Moves Me for November 15, 2021.

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15 thoughts on “MMMM: Potpourri

  1. I enjoyed listening to them and my favourites being the last one, Simply Red and Hall & Oates. I have to say I just can’t stand Diana Krall. Even the way she sings it makes me want to bitchslap her. I don’t like her or her music renderings. Not sure why I have such an intense dislike for this woman but I do.


  2. Nice selection. We owned the Greatest Hits of BS&T on vinyl and were fortunate enough to see them in concert once. A couple of songs I really love here – Chuck E’s in Love, Holding Back the Years. And, oh yes, Only the Lonely. Alana ramblinwitham


  3. Oh my gosh, these were the days to say the least. My girls and I would go out every Thursday for tacos and every Wednesday or Thursday not sure which, but there was about 5 or six of us and we’d have dinner and then the band would show up and we danced all night long and had the greatest time especially with most of these songs. Great pickins’ my friend. Time to PARRRRRRRR TAYYYYYYYYY! Have a great day!


    1. I just went through picking songs that YouTube recommended in the right-hand column of the song I was playing, avoiding songs I’ve overplayed here in the past.


  4. John,

    I’m enjoying your wonderful potpourri this afternoon, great music mix to get back into the groove with while doing other things. 🙂 Thanks for joining the 4M crew on the dance floor, my friend. Have a boogietastic week!

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