The Thanksgiving Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is brought to you by Pillsbury Plus cake mixes. It looks like scratch has met its match!

I can’t believe that this Thursday is Thanksgiving already. Maybe because there’s no snow. Not here, anyway.

I’m getting back in touch with my fiction side, as I think I mentioned, and actually having fun with it. My buddy Blake is turning ino a real boy. I have several projects of his, and I write on one until I get stuck, then I flip over to the other one. I’m also learning more about Scrivener and am forcing myself to ue it. This week I learned that you can zoom in on the page and make it a who’lot easier to read, something my almost 66-year-old eyes can appreciate.

Mary bought the elements for this year’s Thanksgiving feast. A 5-pound turkey breast was over $17. I think we should have gone with ribs.

Here’s the summary for last week.

You have until tomorrow at noon to cast a vote in my latest Battle of the Bands. The song is Charles Trenet’s "Ménilmontant" and the contestants are Avalon Jazz Band and Ludovic Beier and radical Gipsy.

I did a musical medley (or potpourri) of songs from the ’70’s and ’80’s.

Melanie whipped out the heavy questions this week: what humanity’s goal should be, whether we’re hesitant to share our opinions, how we feel society has changed in our lifetimes, and whether we’d keep a friend who speaks to us like we do to ourselves.

We covered the #11-20 hits of 1989. My aim is to go up through 1995, which if I’ve counted right will be the last Tuesday of 2021.

I shared a line from Herbert Spencer that I felt expressed my philosophy of life to a T.

The prompt was the word "dream," and my post was about a Brahma bull named King and a horse named Dream who lived together at a nearby veterinarian’s office and the time King accidentally gored Dream with a horn and was absolutely beside himself because the horse was his best buddy in the entire world.

Shelley Krupa from Quaint Revival asked if I had ever done a feature on legendary Big Band jazz drummer Gene Krupa. I have now.

The prompt was "gray, white, and black," so I dug out a similar post from a previous #socs and expanded on it, talking about the attempts made primarily by Ted Turner to colorize classic movies that were filmed in black & white. The consensus was it was a dumb idea. Dumb, dumb, dumb…

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  1. Hi John – I’m sure Mary will make your Thanksgiving Turkey Breast delicious … all the best for the week – and thanks for all these links – cheers Hilary


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