BATTLE OF THE BANDS: “Ménilmontant” Results

No question who won my last battle: Avalon Jazz Band shut out Radical Gipsy, 6-0.

I’m kind of disappointed Radical Gipsy didn’t get any votes, but I think Avalon had one thing they didn’t: Tatiana Eva-Marie. This is their latest song, "La Vie En Rose". The video was posted on Halloween, and I decided that I could listen to her all day.

Our next Battle will be Wednesday, December 1. See you then!

5 thoughts on “BATTLE OF THE BANDS: “Ménilmontant” Results

  1. Oh Man…Gypsy was great also and I think you need to showcase them again because it truly was apples and oranges but, yes, it is her voice. This was a great rendition of the famous Edith Piaf song.


    1. I may do them this Friday. They are an excellent group, with or without the accordion. It might have been a little unfair to put them up against Avalon, because Tatiana is such an incredible singer and the musicians are just that good.


    1. I’m kind of surprised that no one voted for Radical Gipsy. Stephen said it could have gone either way for him and that he had to listen several times before he made up his mind, but that’s as close as it came. I think I’ll use them in a future battle.

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