Program Note: Instagram

Well, my Instagram account was hacked and I doubt I’ll get it back anytime soon. So, I have to rebuild… anyway, my new account is onehandtyping_2. I have it set to where I have to approve anyone (to keep the lonely Russian ladies away), but be assured, I will do so.


12 thoughts on “Program Note: Instagram

  1. I just set up an account qmarylou_q. Already I have many unknown/fake male followers! I didn’t realize there was a privacy setting for approving followers. I’ve deleted many message requests of those I don’t know. I’ll go and follow your profile.


    1. Thanks! I followed you as well. If you go to Settings, then Privacy and Security, you can set yours as a private account. Anyone who wants to view you then has to be approved. I’ve gotten at least 40 requests from “women” asking me to visit their webcam…

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      1. Thanks John! If I make mine a private account then non-followers can’t see my art?! I just deleted half of my followers who were ”male admirers’. Haha!


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