While We’re On The Subject… #1LinerWeds

Monday in my Share Your World post, I happened to mention Hans Gruber, played by Alan Rickman in the 1988 movie Die Hard. Today, I came up with this little bit of trivia.

Linda Hill is your host each week for One-Liner Wednesday. Now a word about Clorox bleach.

11 thoughts on “While We’re On The Subject… #1LinerWeds

  1. Hey John, Tell me what do you do when you start forgetting things? My mom had the same thing, but me I always remember stuff, and now I argue with whoever and say no I never said that or something else to the contrary, but then they prove it to me, but I still don’t remember I said that or done that. This really sucks and is very depressing. Who said it’s fun getting old? I know it wasn’t me, but I can relate to your post here somewhat. Thanks for sharing. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU & YOURS. My husband and I are celebrating….. no that’s wrong we’re not really celebrating we’re just having dinner together like we always do and mainly in silence, but I’ll tell you when you come from a big huge family and we usually go somewhere when I was a kid anyway… I guess you grow old and miss that sort of thing. Anyway sorry I talked your ear/eyes off once again. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


    1. I found that keeping a journal helps you remember, plus if there’s any doubt you can go back and read it. Of course, one of the things I forget is to update the journal…

      Hope you had a good Thanksgiving!


  2. Good ole Hans really knows how to make an exit and go splat for New Year’s. Gotta love bleach which can make things quite white and leave spots on your clothing you wear and having those spots fade the colour thus ruining the clothes.


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