Five For Friday: Radical Gipsy

After my most recent Battle of the Bands, Birgit commented that she’d like to hear more of Radical Gipsy, who were shut out in the battle and (in my opinion, anyway) deserved to be featured, because they were also very good.

According to their YouTube page (and thanks to Google Translate),

The Radical Gipsy, or Gabriele Giovannini and Daniele Gai on guitars with Giulio Ciani on double bass, formed in Rome in 2012, with a precise orientation towards the sounds of traditional Manouche jazz inaugurated by Django Reinhardt. Their path has developed between Roman clubs and festivals, with important collaborations among which the one with the French accordionist Ludovic Beier and participation in the XXVI edition of Paolo Fresu’s Time in Jazz festival stands out. Along with original compositions and traditional pieces, the trio also brings to the stage some modern pieces rigorously arranged in a gipsy jazz key

  1. "Minor Swing": Django Reinhardt’s signature piece.

  2. "Jingles": A Wes Montgomery tune, given the Manouche touch.

  3. "Bossa Dorado": With Ludovic Beier on accordion. Written by Dorado Schmitt (another artist in the gipsy jazz genre).

  4. "Swing Gitan": A traditional song given a swing treatment.

  5. "For Sephora": A song by Stochelo Rosenberg of the Rosenberg Trio (another gipsy jazz artist).

You can find more Radical Gipsy on YouTube and Spotify.

That’s Five For Friday for November 26, 2021.

3 thoughts on “Five For Friday: Radical Gipsy

    1. I’m not sure that they’re still together, to be honest. Their website appears to be gone, and their one album, “Spaghetti alla Gitana,” came out in 2014. They are an excellent group of musicians, however. You might want to search for the individual musicians to see if they’ve moved on. As for the album, yoiu might have better luck in a used CD store. I found one on eBay, from an Italian seller. Glad you liked them; maybe you can convince them to gige it another go…


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