The First Week of Advent Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is brought to you by Kool-Aid soft drink mix. You loved it as a kid, you trust it as a mother.

I hope all my US-based readers had a good Thanksgiving and aren’t inundated with that many leftovers. We had just enough for two good meals. We’re good at figuring out how much is going to be "just enough" by now.

So now we start our trudge through December and Christmas, on to the last week of the year (our favorite) and into 2022. I have some ideas for new stuff for next year, which are just that: ideas. I also noticed that this will be post #4955, meaning that in the next week or so I’ll be reaching the magical 5000. You have been warned.

As I mentioned Tuesday night, my Instagram account got hacked and I had to start a new one. The new one is @onehandtyping_2. It’s a private account, because I’ve been getting a lot of fake accounts subscribing. If you follow, I’ll approve it.

Let’s get to the summary.

Our annual "choose songs that express what you’re grateful for" post. I’m not sure if the Xmas Music Xtravaganza starts this week or next, so I haven’t decided whether to start with the Christmas tunes this week or next.

We talked about some "red flags" in every day life, what obstacles to include in the world’s most amazing obstacle course, our favorite movie or book villain, the best feature of our faces, and favorite celebratory foods.

The Avalon Jazz Band, behind the strong vocal of their lovely chanteuse, Tatiana Eva-Marie, shut out Radical Gipsy with Ludovic Beier on accordion.

The picture suggested to me that a town was flooded, indicating that they might have built it in a flood plain, so I offered some advice for potential homebuyers: don’t buy a house in a flood plain, near an airport, or near a refinery or a paper mill (or a garbage dump, for that matter).

I featured the #11-20 songs from the 1990 year-end Hot 100.

Since my idea of the perfect movie villain was Hans Gruber from the Die Hard movies, my one-liner also talked about him.

I recounted the two times I broke my arm before I turned 10.

While Radical Gipsy didn’t win the Battle of the Bands, Birgit was impressed enough by them that she asked for more. I was happy to oblige. I have a feeling they’re no longer working together, but it was a great match nevertheless.

Linda gave us the prompt "golly gee," which I had no idea what to do with, so I improvised. I guess it worked out OK.

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  1. Hi John – well glad you had a happy Thanksgiving with ‘just the right amount ‘ of food. This was a great round-up … and then your 5,000 post next week – amazing! Excellent to read you’re thinking about different posts for next year … thanks for all the effort and joy you put in to these posts … cheers and enjoy the week ahead – Hilary


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