#1LinerWeds from Blake Stephenson

A line that popped out as I was writing him…

Linda Hill brings you One-Liner Wednesday each week. Now here’s June Lockhart for Gravy Train dog food.

17 thoughts on “#1LinerWeds from Blake Stephenson

  1. A favor is done without ego or purpose. You do it because you care.
    As for Mikey, I had to LOL, John, because I was just thinking of this commercial yesterday morning. It’s a classic!


    1. In the story I’m writing, it’s a case of “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

      The three kids in the Life cereal commercial were from the Chicago area. Their father died young, and his widow had them audition for the commercial. It came out right about the time my dad died young, and my mother considered doing the same with us. We were nowhere near as photogenic, though…


    1. I wouldn’t know about Gravy Train. June, God bless her, is 96. You know, a lot is made of Betty White being close to 100, but there are several actresses from the early TV days that are still around. June is one of them, the other is Joyce Randolph, who was on “The Honeymooners” as Trixie, Ed Norton’s wife.


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