Song of the Day: Toninho Horta, “Moon River”

Brazilian guitarist and vocalist Toninho Horta was born on this day in 1948. In addition to his own records, he’s worked wuth Elis Regina, Sergio Mendes, Antonio Carlos Jobim, and others. This is his arrangement of "Moon River" for solo guitar.

7 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Toninho Horta, “Moon River”

  1. It’s a lovely song – but I preferred it when I didn’t think of it as Moon River, lol. A few too many runs for my liking 😦


    1. “Moon River” is a beautiful tune and usually the simpler the arrangement, the better (my favorite is the one from the movie, with Audrey Hepburn playing and singing it). Your point is taken about Horta’s arrangement: I heard an interview with Tommy Emmanuel (with whom I’m sure you’re familiar), and he says that he focuses on the melody first, because that’s what the song is about. All the other things he does enhance the melody.


    1. This is the first I’m hearing about the MLB labor troubles. My guess is that they won’t be settled until January, when they can create sufficient panic. It kind of kills baseball news (except for the state of negotiations) until they get resolved, because they can’t do any kind of contract negotiations with players until then. So, I’ll have to wait until next year to see if Freddie re-signs…

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      1. Yeah. I was having fun reading the news from the Giants about who they were signing. I really wanted them to resign Kris Bryant but he said he was going to wait until after December 1. I wonder if he knew something like this was coming.

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