Five For Friday: Percy Faith Christmas Songs

I had intended on going with music from the GRP Christmas collections, except it’ll only play in the US and Canada. Instead, I chose five songs from Percy faith’s various Christmas albums, including one from a 78 from the early ’50’s. This would have been out earlier, except I took an unscheduled (but highly refreshing) nap.

  1. Christmas In Killarney
  2. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
  3. Silver Bells
  4. Toyland
  5. Christmas Is…
  6. (Bonus!) We Need A Little Christmas

More Christmas music on Monday with Monday’s Music Moves Me and next Friday on Five for Friday!

11 thoughts on “Five For Friday: Percy Faith Christmas Songs

  1. I have a Percy Faith Christmas CD! I enjoyed this 6 but after the first song the rest would not play because the next one was not available to me so I went to YouTube.


  2. I love Christmas carols. Normally I would have to wait until Friday this coming week to be able to play them (due to family birthday in the first few weeks Dec) but tonight the family decided I could start on the carols early this year skipping for joy. Tommorrow they start!


    1. My brother Jim’s birthday is two weeks before Christmas, but that never stopped my mother. Some radio stations have been playing Christmas songs since Halloween…

      Christmas, music, and humor all go together, have you noticed that?


  3. Hate it?? No. My son has a severe case of covid (unvaccinated). Not hospitalized but dicey. He would have been eligible for the antibody thing right away since he’d had testicular cancer, but I forgot that. I’ve been an emotional dish rag. So many things…I look forward to your posts even if I can’t listen to all of them. You are a big help. ๐Ÿ™‚

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