The “Christmas Is Coming, The Geese Are Getting Fat” Week That Was

Since I haven’t seen this classic commercial yet this year, this edition of The Week That Was is brought to you by Hershey’s Kisses.

I think I’ll spend part of this week building new badges for my features. I’ve been using Canva, which I think makes a better badge. Of course, if I really wanted to be creative and professional and all that, I’d use GIMP.

Remember last week, when I said I thought my Instagram account had been hacked and blown away and I started a new one? Guess what I found? So now I have two accounts out there, @onehandtyping_ and @onehandtyping_2, and you can follow one or both (or neither, if you’d prefer).

For those of you wondering when I’m going to start up with Hogan’s Heroes synopses again, I’ll start again in January. I’ve had several projects going on at once, both on here and offline, and I’ve been taking naps in the afternoon (quite unintentionally). I don’t know if the naps are a result of my not sleeping at night, or if I’m not sleeping at night because I’m napping in the afternoon. Yep, one o’ them thar’ chicken-and-egg questions…

Let’s do the summary, because I’m feeling chatty…

I decided it was time to start the 2021 Xmas Music Xtravagana on Monday’s Music Moves Me, starting with a full play of Pentatonix’s A Pentatonix Christmas.

This past week, the questions were supplied by Evil Squirrel: who I would strike permanently dumb (I think I was the only one who said myself); what I would bring with me if I was to visit my past (guitar picks, because the ones back then were really lousy); I was asked to name one thing I love or greatly admire for each color of the rainbow (minus indigo, because it sucks, I guess) and built a playlist of songs that start with each color; what the fortune would be in the world’s most accurate fortune cookie; what I would leave for Santa rather than cookies and milk; and what my holiday plans are.

I had intended on continuing my march through the #11 through #20 songs for each Billboard year, but when I heard the songs for 1991 I decided to abandon that, and reviewed the Top 10 for WCFL in Chicago for November 30, 1974. I’ll alternate between WLS and WCFL surveys through the end of the year and figure out whether to keep going with this concept or move on to something else for next year.

As many of you know, I’m trying my hand at fiction again, and I shared a line from one of my star characters, Blake Stephenson, a 14-year-old boy who finds himself orphaned and living with people who are the closest thing to family he has.

Voting on my current battle ends on Wednesday at noon. The song is "Silent Night" and the contestants are Andy Williams, Bing Crosby, and Spike Jones.

In reply to a prompt about a time I waited nervously for something, I talked about my phobia about fire drills, more specifically the moment the bell starts ringing, or in my case, the buzzer starts buzzing.

I played five of the many, many Christmas songs that Percy Faith, his orchestra and chorus, have recorded over the years.

We were to use "rev" as either a word or as part of one. I talked about my 6th grade obsession with Teddy Roosevelt, going so far as to giving him the catchphrase "let’s go bag some elephants," abbREViated "LGBSE." I was a silly kid then, and I am a silly old man now.

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