MMMM: “The Dean Martin Christmas Album”

I thought about what I was going to do for the Xmas Music Xtravaganza this year, and decided to take it easy and go with Christmas albums, because they’re fun and darn near everyone’s done one. Today, Dean Martin’s album from 1966.

  1. White Christmas
  2. Jingle Bells
  3. I’ll Be Home For Christmas
  4. Blue Christmas
  5. Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!
  6. A Marshmallow World
  7. Silver Bells
  8. Winter Wonderland
  9. The Things We Did Last Summer
  10. Silent Night

And that’s Monday’s Music Moves Me for December 6, 2021.

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30 thoughts on “MMMM: “The Dean Martin Christmas Album”

    1. I think he was on Thursday nights, and I used to sit and watch it. It was really high-class entertainment, and I think they spared no expense bringing in guests and putting on practically a Broadway show every week. The result was fantastic, though. A lot of people sitting at home wouldn’t have had the opportunity to see something like that but for Dean Martin and Ed Sullivan, and some of the other variety shows.


  1. I grew up with the Andy Williams Christmas album. It was put on every year when I was a kid, and it never really felt right until I’d heard it. My husband’s family album (because apparently us Brits in the 1970s only had one per household) was Don Estelle’s. We now own both.


    1. Mom had a whole bunch: Andy Williams, Bing Crosby, and a bunch of orchestras and choruses I’d never heard of. We had one she bought at the grocery store over 50 years ago that was pressed on red vinyl, and it was practically her favorite. Mom loved Christmas and especially Christmas music…

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  2. He is a fun singer and I like him much more than Sinatra but I am bad because, when he was singing the Silent Night I thought he was going to hiccup in between his singing :). I am a bad girl.


        1. Is that so (Martin was a teetotaler!?)? If so, I almost want to scream “What a phony!” 🙂 That would be very perverse, that kids who might have said “I want to drink and be like him!” were being led astray in the opposite direction!


  3. Oh, Dean Martin … classic.

    PBS is running a Christmas special all month, it’s from the 60’s. — Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Dean’s wife, Dean’s kids, and Frank’s kids. Try and see it, you’ll love it,


  4. Dean Martin was my mom’s and gramma’s most favorite singer. It’s not a surprise considering they were both full blooded Italian, but he does have the most romantic voice. Great choices John. THE BEST!


    1. No mistake about it: his was one of the best variety shows on TV in the ’60’s and ’70’s. Remember a couple of years ago, when I shared a few of the old Christmas specials for MMMM?


    1. Yes, yes! The specials on TV sure were exciting “back then”! The telethons, … and they were shared experiences among a vast swath of Americans of all places and backgrounds. The days of 3 networks and Walter Cronkite…those were indeed the days…

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    2. I think one of the subchannels had been running Christmas specials all through the Christmas season in the last couple of years (GetTV seems familiar), and there are a bunch of them on YouTube.

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  5. Hi John – love his voice … and I always enjoy hearing rich rewarding Christmas seasonal songs … Dean Martin was a classic – cheers Hilary


  6. OK, it is rich and it is classic. It makes me feel I am at my late mother’s side in Gimbel’s on 34th St (NYC) 60 years ago. It captures an era: the arrangements, a forteirori the vocal style and tropes… Kind of like watching pictures of the happy Kennedy family, inseparable from a time and era, the Germans say Zeitgeist … of 50’s America (yes, I know it was recorded in 1966). But the classic “religious” carols and, say, Messiah and other “classical” Christmas music persist in a larger and less transient way. OK, Dino was great at what he did (including straight-manning to Jerry Lewis). But that Zeitgeist has flown, so to speak Here’s to the past, and hopefully, to a future.


    1. Christmas is a time to look back, which is why the old Christmas albums have remained popular long after the people who made them have passed on. We pack the zeitgeist up with the Christmas decorations and bring it out again this time of the year. Corny? Yes, but so’s Christmas…


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