Share Your World For 6 Dec 2021

Melanie, in addition to several questions that were posed by the readers, gave us a URL for her post that includes an emoji. It broke down into several hexadecimal characters, which you might see if you click the link. In any event, here we go…

Di asks: What really turns your stomach (other than politicians)? The smell of putrification, as when cold cuts or cheese has sat for too long in the refrigerator. Also, most condiments, especially ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise (which, not surprisingly, hamburgers in restaurants generally come slathered in).

Based on a question from Fandango and Jim: What would YOU do with the immense amount of ‘garbage’ in the world, if there weren’t dumps or barges (Sorry New York/New Jersey) where it was taken to be processed? Sink it in the ocean or burn it.

Evil Squirrel axes: What’s the oddest container you’ve ever gotten a gift in? I think I got something in a plastic bag from the grocery store…

Somebody (probably Melanie) asks: Do people behave differently during Christmas (insert your own holiday or festive season)? Some do, some don’t. I try to spread the holiday giving over the year, rather than doing it all at once. Some people (and we aren’t them) decorate their houses inside and out, others admire the work they do. Christmas in particular seems to go well with music and humor…

This is an allegedly joyful time of year. How do you, personally, FEEL? No more or less joyful than usual, though I am kind of getting into an end-of-year mood. You know, the one that has me saying "Screw it! Let’s deal with it next year!"

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  1. To this day, I can’t smell the container to see if it is good or not. My mom would have me do this and, one day, when I was in my late teens, I smelled meat that was way….waaaayyyyy past its due date. I thought I was going to throw up. I told my mom, “Never again” and stuck by that. If there was something in a container, the whole thing got thrown out so now my hubby does the dirty deed.

    Garbage, I would not throw it deep in the ocean because that will pollute this part of our world so I would make sure NASA can make some rocket and hurl it clear past our solar system. I would also make sure that we don’t do what the Russians recently did.

    I once got a gift inside a toilet paper roll. I can’t remember what it was but I laughed at what it was wrapped up in.

    I think some people do behave differently and, mostly, they become sad or bitchy, to be honest. The make sure to hate this time of year. I think that is sad and agree with you. Besides Edmund Gwenn said it best (as Santa), “Christmas isn’t just a day. It is a state of mind.”

    I feel great because, even though I have no job, I have my health. Sure I have my regular joint pain but I came through the operation just fine and so did my hubby with his. I am one who decorates inside and out but we just have one tree lit up outside this year. The fun time is that I am not working so I have every day to do something inside instead of rushing and breaking my back to get things done.


  2. Thank you John for Sharing Your World! 🦌 Those emoties or emojis don’t translate well, do they? Great ‘back ground’ music…I remember hearing that as a kid and rolling around on the floor chortling. Another silly ‘classic’ (there were a couple of them) was Yorgi Yorgeson (spell?) who did a version of “The Night Before Christmas” that was hilarious and then we have the love it or hate it “Grandma Got Runned Over By A Reindeer”. I’m silly, but that thing cracks me up! Wonderful GIF clips paired with your answers too and that stomach turner answer is one of mine too. I actually smelled putrefaction once. I don’t care to repeat the event. Ever. Bleah! 🤢 I like your relaxed attitude towards this time of year. Because, why not? ;) Have a grand week!


  3. It sounds like you all have a nice and mellow holiday season!
    And we don’t do much in the decor but a little bit because it feels fun and especially the lights – hanging a few lights brings a great charm to the longer dark days of December
    And that Santa is watching you song was funnny


    1. That song is almost 60 years old, and he’s changed the lyrics a lot (the original was a kids’ song), but it’s stood the test of time. “He’s ever’whar! He’s ever’whar!”

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  4. I think your garbage solution is a lot of what we’ve been doing that has caused problems. I think we need to go into maximum recycle mode. My goal in life is “No Waste”–not something I have yet achieved and what has been an annoyance to my wife. She was out cleaning the garage today. I guess I’ll be doing a Goodwill run soon.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


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