Simply 6 Minutes: Awww, Kitties!

Kittens, when they’re very young, are adorable little creatures. They’re tiny, which means, when you go to the pet store, you get in this "take two, they’re small" mood. At least, that was the way it was with us.

We have one cat now, Molly, who’s getting older and, sad to say, will probably leave us soon (but, please God, not too soon). When that happens, Mary and I have declared on a moratorium on bringing any more cats in, because they’re a lot of work, most of which would fall on Mary. Also, when you bring home a kitten, you have to remember that you’re making a long-term commitment, because they can live quite a bit past 20 years.

If we were to get another cat, I’d want an older one. I saw this thing on Instagram where a woman adopted the oldest cat in a shelter, because she didn’t want it to live the majority of its life not knowing a "forever home." We used to do some volunteer work for the Humane Society, and they had a lot of cats there that knew nothing of the world outside the shelter. They ended up there as kittens and had spent most of their lives there. The people there said that a dog, any dog, will be adopted in two weeks; with cats, it could be years.

Please, spay or neuter your pets. There’s only so much room in the shelters, and we don’t want to have to start euthanizing.

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13 thoughts on “Simply 6 Minutes: Awww, Kitties!

  1. I’m a dog person, but don’t mind cats. Sadly our local rescue centre say they have no dogs for adoption, yet we would dearly love one now. Good post John.


  2. We have 3 cats now (we did have 5 which is nuts) and our doggie who is mentally ill. We adopted him as he was a rescue dog from Louisiana. I had watched a program where many $&$# use dogs as target practise. We got him shortly before he turned 1 and he is now 13. To this day, if he hears men working on the roof, he will not go to the washroom and he hates…hates the outside and shivers when we take the leash out for a walk. He pulls so severely, he has taken my arm out of its socket (I have that Ehlers-Danlos) so my poor hubby has to take him and it is never pleasant. My poor doggie hides in the basement if there are fireworks and he shivers and quakes. To be honest, he would have been much better out in the country. When I could take him out on a path, away from cars and homes, he became a dog, sniffing and walking without his tail between his legs. We tried everything for him-3 behaviourists, rescue remedy and even that Thunder Shirt but to no avail. His back legs are not good and he has cancerous growths. It cost us $1,500 this year alone to take out 2 of them. Our 3 kitties are all rescues and are a joy..well, one is full of beans and likes to redecorate with his claws. The oldest is 15 now and so, so thin but eats everything in sight now, even the dog food. She is so smart.

    My hubby’s aunt said no more cats, when their one pussy cat passed away at, I think, 21 yrs. Pastel passed away 5 years ago, I think. They just got a new kitty..all black and full of beans:)


  3. When we adopted, Callie, the Human Society suggested considering the age of the animal. They want to be sure the animal has a forever home. And yes, they are very strict here in Georgia.


  4. I totally agree! But being on the older side with our 2 cats 1 dog, it get so expensive, and hurts when you realize they might not be with us much longer. I doubt we’ll get more. Especially dogs. Still, that kitten in the picture pulls at the heartstrings.


    1. You always have that thought running around in your head of “one of these days, we’re going to have to say goodbye.” It’s sad that they have such short lives…


  5. I’m on the ten year plan with the dog. I figure he won’t live past 16 or 17 so after that I want a break. I don’t know how long I can last without a pet. What you wrote though reminded me of one time I went to this dinky pet store that had a bunch of cats for sale. There was one cat, you could tell was real old and it ended up being something like 14. It was the same price as the kittens! I would have taken it had it been free, just to give it a home but when you have an elderly animal you know you have expenses coming one way or another. Anyhow, I understand why adoption fees exist but the shelters would need less money if they had less animals, and they would have less animals if they were cheaper to adopt. There isn’t going to be a huge waiting list for a ten year old dog.


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