BATTLE OF THE BANDS: “Silent Night” Results

First, thanks to all of you for voting in my Battle of the Bands. Second, I apologize if I didn’t get to you to vote in your Battles. I follow all of you through Inoreader, and when I get a BotB post, I leave it in the "starred" queue until I vote. Well, I managed to blow that away somehow.

Anyway, my last Battle was between three versions of "Silent Night." Here are the results:

Bing Crosby – 5

  • Frank
  • Willow
  • AJ
  • K. Hartless
  • Sixgun

Andy Williams – 8

  • Arlee
  • Don
  • Dan
  • Jack
  • Cathy
  • Stephen
  • Shelley
  • Mike

Spike Jones – 3

  • Mary B
  • Birgit
  • Eugenia

Congratulations to Andy and kudos to both Bing and Spike. The three versions were all quite beautiful and classic, so you were a winner no matter whom you voted for.

I believe my next battle will be next Wednesday, December 15, unless I decide to wait until New Year’s. See you whenever!

7 thoughts on “BATTLE OF THE BANDS: “Silent Night” Results

  1. Oh yeah, Looks like you didn’t vote on my Battle. Oh well, tying it all in with Insecure Writer’s Support Group at least guarantees me a few additional votes so all was not too bad this time. I’m thinking to do another BOTB on the 15th but maybe if I don’t get any attention given to my current results post I’ll just break until next year.

    Glad to see I was in the voting majority on this Battle of yours.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


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