Simply 6 Minutes: Huh?

I occasionally fail to get the point of a picture, and need someone to help me out. Believe it or not, this actually made more sense than the kissing gophers, or whatever they were, a couple of weeks ago. But I couldn’t blow off this week.

I’ve written about hedgehogs in the past, and how utterly adorable they are (or if you prefer, totes adorbs), and the little guy here looks a lot like Lionel, who was the star of those pictures. I couldn’t say that this little guy was cuter or not, but you get the idea.

How the broccoli and carrots (and for that matter the zucchini) fit in. I mean, it’s a cute waste of vegetables (or, in the case of broccoli, a much better thing to do with it than eating it). Still, the whole picture just confuses me. Or maybe I’m just slow, like the snails…

Christine Bialczak runs Simply 6 Minutes.

20 thoughts on “Simply 6 Minutes: Huh?

  1. First time I saw the picture I thought of hedgehogs revenge, then realised it as snails on the crossing, not humans.
    Still fun though (and we love hedgehogs too)


      1. They are so cute, We had about 7 visit our garden when we bought our first house. It took us a while to realise why the grass was being trampled down until we saw them all. We discovered they liked peanuts (unsalted of course) and would leave water out for them too. We watched them for hours sometimes, and then in the early hours they’d keep us awake with their ‘romancing rituals!!’

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  2. John, you made me laugh! One year, while working in a very poor school system, I designed a sorting activity for my little learners using different shaped pastas. Well, one of the parents really let me have it! They told me I was wasting perfectly good food on something and all of that food was going to be wasted.
    Anyhow, sorry it took so long to respond this week. I appreciate your participation!


    1. Like the old joke about the guy who answers the door one day and sees a snail on his stoop. He picks the snail up and throws it across the street. Three weeks later there’s a knock on his door, he opens it, and there’s the snail, who says “what the hell was that all about?”

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