Song of the Day: Michael Nesmith, “Beyond The Blue Horizon”

Michael Nesmith, who came to our attention primarily as a member of The Monkees in the late ’60’s, passed away yesterday from heart failure at the age of 78. A songwriter who had written songs for Linda Ronstadt ("Different Drum") and the Butterfield Blues Band (whose recording of "Mary, Mary" predated The Monkees) before becoming a member of the band, he continued to write and perform after his days with the group. His mother invented Liquid Paper, which helped with typos on electric typewriters, and when she died he inherited the money from that invention. According to Wikipedia, "Beyond The Blue Horizon" is a 1930 song composed by Leo Robin, Richard A. Whiting, and W. Franke Harling, and was first performed by Jeanette MacDonald in the 1930 film Monte Carlo. Nesmith recorded it on his album Magnetic South.

22 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Michael Nesmith, “Beyond The Blue Horizon”

  1. Hi John – Michael Nesmith certainly influenced many of us – and wrote wonderful songs. Fascinating extra about his mother … I’ll remember that – it allowed me to not be such an awful typist!! Cheers and all the best – Hilary


  2. Davy had a Tony nomination for playing the Artful Dodger on Broadway. Micky had a career as an actor, appearing in TV show “Circus Boy”. Peter was a folk musician, and he also wrote some of the songs used on the show. They all would have done well, even without the Monkees.

    Yes, I am a fan …saw the farewell tour in October …saw the Monkees in concert many times.


  3. He was my first rock hero…he is the one member who would have made it in music with or without the Monkees. If he only did Elephant Parts…that would be enough for a career.


    1. He actually had made it after writing two hit songs. (Davy Jones had some background in musical theater: he had been in “Oliver!” both in the West End and on Broadway when he was younger.) Mike had wanted The Monkees to do “Different Drum,” but they nixed that idea. Just as well: Linda Ronstadt sounded much better singing it (and looked a whole hell of a lot better singing it, too).

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        1. It was “Circus Boy,” where he played Corky. So they all had some experience in front of an audience.

          I first discovered I was in love with Linda Ronstadt when she did a pictorial for Rolling Stone for Valentine’s Day (would have been 1975 or 1976) in a red silk teddy. Her voice was almost as beautiful as she was…

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          1. I should have looked it up! I was close lol.

            Oh yes I remember that issue…you know it’s iconic when what you wear is what you remember. Yes and it’s so cruel what has happened to her.

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