Watch Out For That… #socs


Everybody sing!

George, George
George of the Jungle,
Strong as he can be.
Watch out for that tree!

George, George,
George of the Jungle,
Lives a life that’s free.
Watch out for that tree!

When he gets in a scrape,
he makes his escape
with the help of his friend,
an ape named Ape.
Then away he’ll schlep
on his elephant Shep
While Fella and Ursula*
Stay in step…with

George, George
George of the Jungle,
Friend to you and me.
Watch out for that tree!

Watch out for that–

George, George
George of the Jungle
Friend to you and me!

In the days when cartoons ran all Saturday morning, this was a favorite. Now, you get news. Such is life.

Linda Hill runs Stream of Consciousness Saturday. Now a word from KMart, Your Christmas Savings Place!

19 thoughts on “Watch Out For That… #socs

  1. I miss K-Mart. I also miss Kresgies, Bargain Harolds and even Sears. I always loved that song with that classic drum beat. Funny, when I went skiing..I was 18 and dumb. I was trying to do the snowplow but there were so many moguls I wiped out. I looked up and saw all these skiers coming towards me so I crossed my arms and had them all go by me. I crawled over to the side when I saw 2 ladies coming down and one was like me..a novice. I yelled “ Watch out for that…” She sprawled out right beside me and I looked down and finished my sentence..”mogul”. She just looked at me as I got up and continued falling on my ass down that hill.


    1. Must have been difficult coming up with a 90-minute story for a cartoon where te episodes are only 7 minutes. Kind of like NaNoWriMo: you finish with your story and only have 30K words, so you spend the rest of the month finding places to add in 20K more. And you still end up with shorter is better…

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        1. “Duh, gee Tennessee, how are we going to break out of the zoo to go see Mr. Whoopee?” It was later in life that I learned that Mr. Whoopee was voiced by Larry Storch (Tennessee, of course, was Don Adams).

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