The “Gaudete” Week That Was

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First, it was my brother Jim’s birthday yesterday. Happy birthday, Jim!

It’s been a good week, albeit with a touch of insomnia. I seem to be able to sleep fine when I’m sitting in the living room, but I go to bed and wake right up. Maybe I should try melatonin again…

Other than that, it’s been a quiet week. I got an email from Comcast (my ISP) telling me that I need to replace my modem because they’re giving me a lot more speed than the old one can handle. I almost hate to mess with it, but it might smooth out some of the performance issues. That’s expected today by 10 PM.

Anyway, here’s the summary.

I played the entire album The Dean Martin Christmas Album. I’ll have another Christmas album this week.

This week we were asked what really turns our stomach, our ideas for dealing with the massive amounts of garbage we produce, what was the strangest packaging a gift came to us in, whether we think people act differently this time of the year, and how we, personally, feel at this time of the year.

Since this week’s prompt was an adorable picture of a medium-haired tabby kitten, I wrote about our adorable brood, which is now down to one.

We ran through the Top 10 at WLS for the week of January 7, 1970.

I suggeted a way to give your morning coffee that extra push.

Andy Williams’s version of "Silent Night" was preferred to Bing Crosby’s or Spike Jones’s.

Yes, I did two of these this past week. The second one, of a hedgehog driving a car made out of a zucchini under trees made of broccoli, made no sense to me.

One of the prompts this week was to write a post based on the word "boots," which gave m a great excuse for writing about Hillary Klug, country fiddler and buck dancer. If you didn’t get a chance to listen, she’s really dynamite.

I played the Christmas music (at least five songs of it) of Mannheim Steamroller, who despite the name are not from Mannheim, Germany.

The prompt was "tree," and all I could think of was the old cartoon George of the Jungle, so I wrote about that.

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  1. I follow Hillary Klug’s Facebook page where she regularly posts. She’s good, but after a while her music gets repetitious. I always enjoy watching her cute dancing though.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

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