The Christmas Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is sponsored by McDonalds. We do it all for you!

It’s been a relatively quiet week at Chez Holton. Biggest excitement was reaching the 5000-post mark a little over a year after reaching 4000.

This coming Saturday is Christmas, meaning I’ll probably do a playlist or something I can throw together in advance.

Let’s get on with the week’s summary.

Played the Avalon Jazz Band’s Christmas album, Wintertime Dreams: A Parisian Christmas, which was recorded in 2019.

This week’s questions included an evaluation of the health are system in this country, two words that describe us, our morning routine (if we have one), something that makes our blood race, and whether we like singing Christmas songs. I generally don’t enjoy singing, but this time of the year, I do.

We counted down the WCFL Top Ten from December 14, 1967. It was a particularly good one.

My one-liner was about the cardinal sin of fat-shaming, so egregious a sin as to be forbidden even if the victime is yourself.

You have until noon Wednesday to vote in my latest battle. whether Synne Domért or Connie Talbot does a better job of singing "The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire)." I have a pretty good idea where this battle is going, but being the cantankerous old cuss that I am, yolu’ll have to wait until Wednesday afternoon for the final result.

The prompt was "merry," so I wrote a short memoir about the nun I had in third grade who insisted that merry, marry, and Mary were all pronounced differently and spent half of an afternoon trying to get us eight-year-olds to stop pronouncing all three as though they rhymed with "fairy." She lost.

This was officially the 5000th post on The Sound Of One Hand Typing, so I spent my writing time congratulating myself.

I played five selections from guitarist Tuck Andress’s 1991 albums Hymns, Carols, And Songs About Snow.

Our assignment ws to write about opposites, and my choice was "book smart" versus "street smart."

5 thoughts on “The Christmas Week That Was

  1. Do you really have 5,000 posts?? Is that 13 years of blogging>?

    and the opening old commercial – I totally remember those gift certificates


    1. Right now, it’s 5,006 posts in almost ten years (my first post was on January 2, 2012). I don’t know how I’ve gotten that many posts, especially when you consider that I didn’t start blogging in earnest until July 2014.

      For all I know, McDonalds still sells the gift certificates, though you can’t get anything for 50 cents anymore…

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