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Yum! Brands logo (source: Wikipedia, Public Domain)

One of the first business trips I took after my mother died was to Louisville, Kentucky and Tricon Global Restaurants, who later changed their name to Yum! Brands. You might not have heard of them, but they own Pizza Hut, KFC, and Taco Bell, all of which had been owned by Pepsi, who decided that it was too complicated to run them. I had lunch in their cafeteria while I was there, and despite what you might think, they didn’t serve anything from any of their restaurants, sticking instead with healthier fare. Should tell you something.

Yummy was the house brand at Jewel Food Stores in the Chicago area. About the only things I remember that were branded Yummy were soft drinks and ice cream. The stuff was actually pretty good, and if you were short on funds they were acceptable substitutes.

I tried finding words that contained the letter combination "yum," but aside from "yummy" and its derivatives there weren’t any. Such is life…

Merry Christmas!

Linda Hill runs Stream of Consciousness Saturday. And now a word from Norelco (or, if you prefer, Noëlco). Even our name says Merry Christmas!

It’s just not Christmas until I see Santa riding a Norelco shaver.

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  1. Wow – I didn’t know that they owned Pizza Hut, KFC, and Taco Bell! Pepsi owns soooooo many companies, – I would think that PH, KFC, and TB would bring in lots of $? I loved that commercial and those shavers were a common item on the wishlists when I was growing up. Merry Christmas to you and Mary! Happy New Year too.


    1. I think Pepsi wanted to concentrate on their soft drink business, so they spun off the restaurants. No guess as to how big a stake they hold in it now, if at all. It is strange how companies end up being part of other companies. My great-grandfather worked fot American Can Co.for many years, and somehow by the time I got Mom’s shares it was Citibank stock. the way I understand it, Traveler’s insurance acquired American Can and Citi acquired Traveler’s. Now Traveler’s is back on its own…

      I never used an electric shaver until my stroke, and was not impressed. A lot of guys swear by them, but I always had better luck with a safety razor….

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      1. It’s interesting to follow the $ on how companies ended up under the umbrellas of insurance companies.
        I’ve heard that as well that the electric shavers just don’t cut it as good as a nice sharp blade. Glad the electric shaver is working for you since your stroke, keeping that handsome beard properly groomed!


        1. The shaver that I have (designed for beards and mustaches) is a Norelco (well, Philips Norelco).

          I started shaving when I was 13 with a safety razor with a double-edge blade, and never had a problem until I couldn’t get blades for it. That’s when I started using the disposables, and was never happy with the shave I got because, if you’ll pardon me saying it this way, they were so dull you couldn’t cut a fart with them. I finally bought myself a safety razor and blades from Amazon. After cutting my face to shreds (I was trying to shave like I did with the disposables), I said “screw this!” and grew the beard. Mary actually likes it, as long as I trim it…

          Try following the money on bank mergers. That’ll open your eyes…

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          1. You just wrote a brilliant post about shavers! Got a song to go with the words? I agree with Mary, a tidy beard is a good thing.
            Oh, yes, I’ve been following that too. It is eye opening. I’m curious to see what’ll happen to our bank which is a credit union.


              1. I think we’ll see some more restructuring in 2022.

                Silly me, I should’ve known you’d have thought of razors for a topic. Thanks for sharing the link. Your post reminds me much of the tales my hubby shares as well as the bloody need for a styptic pencil! When I discovered that, the cheapo disposable shavers I used were no longer an uncontrollable threat!

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  2. Hi John – I never realised that Pepsi were into food – but then I’m over here! Interesting post though … thanks – and had never heard of Yum! – now I have … I enjoy learning about brands – amazing! Cheers Hilary


  3. LOL…I was just thinking about the Norelco ad… my all-time favorite ad was the Budweiser’s Clydesdales! I miss the good old days.


  4. Merry Christmas John.

    I remember giving our father a Norelco razor for Christmas one year. I didn’t know hat Pepsi had gotten out of the fast food business.


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