MMMM: New Year’s 2022!

Last year at this time, we held out such hope that 2021 would be better than 2020, and look what we ended up with. This list is basically the same as last year’s, minus two songs that didn’t survive the year (i.e. they have since been removed) and one that referenced 2021 specifically, with three additions, one an old favorite and two that were new to me.

  1. Pentatonix, "New Year’s Day": This song is a few years old (I used it my first year of doing MMMM) but it’s a hopeful one about leaving the old year behind us and concerning ourselves with what’s to come. Good things, I hope.
  2. Charles Brown, "Bringing In A Brand New Year": Charles is ready to party in the New Year.
  3. Bing Crosby, "Let’s Start The New Year Right": From 1942’s Holiday Inn (hope I got that right…)
  4. Taylor Swift, "New Year’s Day": I like this one, despite the fact that it’s sad and depressing, but it is by the lovely Ms. Taylor, who I’ve decided is pretty good, all things considered.
  5. ABBA, "Happy New Year": Another perennial favorite around here, despite the fact that it, too, is kind of a downer.
  6. Johnny Otis Orchestra, "Happy New Year, Baby": A nice coincidence that today is (or would be) Johnny’s birthday. This is a classic from the "Godfather of Rhythm & Blues."
  7. Lightnin’ Hopkins, "Happy New Year": A little country blues from one of its greatest practitioners.
  8. Lonnie Johnson, "New Year’s Blues": Lonnie was a really talented musician who could play jazz guitar and violin (one of the first to play it in a jazz setting) and was a talented songwriter and singer who was a little chagrined that people only saw him as a blues guy…
  9. Connie Francis, "Happy New Year Baby": Miss Concetta certainly has it right: this is a year we won’t forget, much as we’d like to.
  10. Mariah Carey, "Auld Lang Syne": Not exactly Guy Lombardo, but maybe that’s not a bad thing, considering. She only goes into shriek mode briefly, toward the end.

Best wishes for a happy, safe, and prosperous new year! That’s Monday’s Music Moves Me for December 27, 2021.

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15 thoughts on “MMMM: New Year’s 2022!

  1. Great list! Love that we match with ABBA and Bing! I enjoyed this and like the Taylor Swift one. Thankfully Mariah didn’t screech like a harpie until the end. Happy New Year!!


  2. HO HO HO MERRY CHRISTMAS & A WONDERFUL HAPPY, HEALTHY NEW YEAR!!! How was your holiday my friend? I hope it was wonderful for you & yours! Ooooo you found a new New Years Day tune! I love it. I never heard it before. I’m on hold with my bank because they drive me bonkers. Everytime I try to do anything on-line I have to change my password. It drives me nuts, bonkers and everything else. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr So while I’m waiting I like to occupy my time with something to calm my nerves so I don’t jump at them & they won’t have me arrested! ~hehehehe~ How was your Christmas John, wonderful I hope! I went to midnight mass with my granddaughter & her new boyfriend. I really like him too. He just got out of the Army, he did a 4 yr. run. He’s a great kid too! Love him to pieces. Anyway, you got some great tunes here my friend, and I hope your Christmas was fab for you & your family, and I hope your New Years is just as fab for you & yours! HUGS to you both & I pray you both have a happy & healthy New Year! HO HO HO & hey… just a sip of the ol’ bubbly okie dokie? Okay two sips and lots of hugs & smooches!!!!!!! You’re duh best! HO HO HO


  3. Happy New Year! I came so close to the Charles Brown song that I had placed the video on my draft blog and then took it off for some reason (maybe I thought you would have it?) . ABBA’s and Bing Crosby’s an old favorite. My “never heard before” favorite, surprising me a little: Mariah Carey.


    1. Surprised that she had done it or surprised that I put it in? I played it and was suitably impressed. mostly becaue she didn’t go shrieking off like a banshee…


  4. John,

    Life is what it is. I think this mess just needs to run its course and people need to use a common sense approach when being around other people. Meaning if you’re going to socialize then by George make sure no one is sick or have been exposed. People have take responsibility of what’s going on in their lives because it doesn’t just effect the individual, it’s effecting everyone they come in contact with. I’m still holding on to hope that things will get better in the new year therefore choose to believe in better days ahead. 🙂 Great song theme for this week’s party. I surely appreciate that you hit the dance floor each week and I will look forward to having you be apart of things in 2022, my friend. May God bless you and Mary every day!


  5. Good music, 🎶🎶🎶 fingers crossed 🤞 for the New Year John I hope you and yours stay safe and well. As for 2022 I am not holding my breath. 💜💜


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