Share Your World For 27 Dec 2021

The last share of the year, and Melanie has a few questions on that. So, here we go!

At 12 a.m. on December 31st/Jan 1st, what will you be doing? Lying in bed, having been awakened by fireworks.

It always seems like my neighbors get together before major holidays, drive over to Big Daddy’s in Alabama, and buy out all of his inventory, then shoot it all off at once, and they don’t go bed until they do.

In case you didn’t believe me.

Is there a tradition you have for New Year’s Eve? Pizza rolls for dinner. I don’t know how that got started, but it’s our tradition.

Do you have any hope or reason you find that next year will be better? Other than the same stale optimism I bring into every New Year’s, I have a feeling we’re in for twelve months of the same-old same-old. And not the old same-old same-old, the new one with all of its mask-shaming and vax-shaming.

What’s the biggest personal lesson you learned during 2021? That the more you stay inside, the more you want to stay inside. I can count on one hand (okay, maybe two hands) the numer of times I left the house this year, and the last couple of times, I dreaded it.

Though there are times…

Describe in 1-3 words how you feel going into 2022: That’s easy…

12 thoughts on “Share Your World For 27 Dec 2021

  1. The graphics once again are hilarious. I’ll never look at a pizza roll the same way again. Lol. And Bohica is right up there I tell ya what! My mission is to bring it into conversation as often as I can. Cheers!


    1. The best thing about these is finding the GIF’s. There are times I really have to think outside the box (sometimes WAAAAAY outside the box) to come up with good ones, but that’s part of the fun. As for BOHICA, yeah…talk about an appropriate word…

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  2. Thanks John for the smiles AND Sharing Your World! Your memes as usual are spot on. I might have told you that the more you isolate, the more attractive it becomes, because I’m almost agoraphobic now, and they’ve never imposed any lock downs here at all. I was happy to volunteer. The scariest thing about “out there” now (for me) is the rampant stupidity that seems to get bigger and bigger every time I go out. I’ll stay in thanks. Here’s to hot pizza rolls, a satisfying beverage or two, and a peaceful night’s rest on New Year’s Eve. Your neighbors might go somewhere else after all (one can dream if nothing else). 😉 Count yourself lucky too, as my brother had his trees set on fire one year when the yahoos behind him set off fireworks on New Year’s Eve. He was really p.o.’d too, and made the guy pay for the re-landscaping, which isn’t cheap. Muwahahah.


    1. Anything gets set on fire, I’m dragging someone’s ass into court. We get fireworks all the damn time, and I hear them whistling past the house.

      What “rampant stupidity” are you talking about? Just curious.


  3. Yep! I’m fine with staying inside. A lot less stressful, IMO! I don’t see much change for 2022 but let’s hope things improve.


    1. I’m really fed up with the whole thing. We didn’t lock everyone in the house with SARS, or Ebola, or any seasonal flu. Why did it have to be that way for this? Never mind I know: the little quack.


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