Simply 6 Minutes, Times Two…

I hope Christine’s not too upset that I missed last week. I’ll do that one after I do the one for this week…

Female cats certainly take the job of being mothers seriously. We found a pregnant female in the neighborhood once, took her home, and about a month later she presented us with five healthy kittens. And the thing is, she was a kitten herself. Seems the boys like ’em young…

She knew just how to deal with them, too, both at birth and throughout their lives. She never forgot that they were her kids, and her kids never forgot that she was Mom. The day we took her in to be spayed, Mary worried that she’d forget about them. When we brought her home, she went right back into Mom mode, licking one of her daughters on the head while smacking another one.

I wish I had kept the meme I made of her sitting there with a real "Mom" look on her face. The caption read "I bringed you into this world, I can take you out." She’s gone now, as are her kids. I miss them still.

For some reason, I saw this and thought of boxing. The way the dog is sitting there with his (or her) paw extended reminds me of a boxing pose, kind of like the ones you see on a poster announcing the fight. Maybe because the dog was throwing a left jab, I thought of Muhammad Ali…

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