Words of Wisdom #1LinerWeds

Wish I had heard this years ago. If you’re looking for New Year’s resolutions, this might help.

Linda Hill runs One-Liner Wednesday. Now a word from 7up.

7up just seems to go with this time of year, and it seems to be the only time you see ads for it. Apparently this ad was banned for whatever reason; I doubt it would be today.

27 thoughts on “Words of Wisdom #1LinerWeds

  1. Very funny. If it was a coke, I could see it. πŸ™‚ Though I try to give it up, especially cuz they bug me. 7-up is Coke, too, isn’t it?


    1. In the south, every carbonated soft drink is a Coke. Coke has their own lemon-lime drink (Sprite). My stepfather once made the comment that “all that bellywash comes from the same barrel,” and it took me years before I realized he was right. Now, I drink decaf coffee, lemonade, water, and the occasional milkshake (from Arby’s or Chick-Fil-A). I haven’t had soda in at last ten years, except for briefly last summer, when I had this sudden taste for root beer…


  2. Well, technically I only have two because I want to make money from my crafting. Walking, keto and planks are helping with the keeping in shape part.


        1. That’s right, you do have an Etsy store and congratulations on a good year! Maybe it’s time to expand, have your stuff in other stores…. See, you’ve got all the bases covered!

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      1. No but the authorities in the US can be a little odd, the would not let the video for Queen’s I want to break free, be released in America …I thought it was a great advert πŸ’œ


        1. Isn’t that the one with Freddie Mercury dressed as a woman, mustache and all? They were fine with the video here. I think American TV is still afraid of offending the generation that’s mostly died off.


  3. I’ve had my three things for years! Job in a gym, working out in the gym, writing. Does that mean I’ve won? πŸ˜‰

    Having just sorted through my wardrobe, my resolution is to not buy any clothes at all this year – I have plenty, and even found some I’d forgotten about. Can’t wait to wear them again.

    Happy New Year x


  4. OMG that’s hilarious. But yeah, probably banned because of the violence. Why share?

    Hope you had a good IWSG day!
    I’m enjoying #WRiTECLUB2021 over at DL Hammons blog. The entries are fun to read and vote on with feedback.
    Plus, I’m currently reading Patricia Lynne’s Being Human. (The IWSG Goodread’s book club choice for December.)
    And I’m scheduling debut author interviews at Operation Awesome.
    I hope you have some fun plans for the rest of 2021. πŸŽ†β›ΈπŸ₯βœ‰πŸ₯‚β›„ May your days ahead be merry and filled with positive experiences.


    1. On Wednesdays and the weekend, I find old commercials and have them “sponsor” the post. It’s all for laughs, basically,

      I follow a couple of IWSG’s and also the Operation Awesomw blog, so at least I know what you’re talking about. One day, maybe I’ll participate….

      Happy New Year, J!


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