#bloganuary: Advice To My Younger Self

As if it weren’t enough, I’m also signed up to do Bloganuary, WordPress’s Blog Hop. I’ll be writing under that banner this month, too. Here’s today’s prompt:

If you’ve followed this blog for any length of time, you know that I spend a lot of time telling my former self how to live.

Here, I gave my 20-year-old self (OK, not exactly my teenaged self, but close enough for Bloganuary) ten tips, including "read a lot," "take care of yourself," and the ever-popular "have fun."

At the end of that post, I referenced this post, where I handed out free career advice so that others wouldn’t make the same mistakes I had. That one actually brought on lots of advice, which I added in a follow-up post.

I found one small piece of advice in this post, "I will not be afraid." That’s always a great idea, unless you have a lion running after you.

Then, there’s this post, where I was challenged to give my younger self advice, but keep it to two words. I came up with ten two-word bits of advice, many of which I hadn’t given before.

And this one, which was based on an article on LifeHack. I thought the advice was good enough to turn each piece into an image quote using Quozio.

Then there was this advice abufrom author and hedge fund manager James Altucher.

Just this past week, I talked about YouTuber Courtney Ryan, and a recent video of hers entitled "How To Be A ‘High-Value’ Man." I found myself sitting there wishing I had seen it 50 years ago. Courtney usually dispenses fashion and relationship advice, but I think she had a lot to say here.

The daughter of the operator of another blog hop was turning eighteen, and I had some advice here.

There’s plenty more advice I’ve given out here, but that should give you a good start and some idea what this blog is all about. Hope to hear from you!

16 thoughts on “#bloganuary: Advice To My Younger Self

  1. You’ve covered the topic very well in your blogs. I read lots of good advice. I am one of those who tend to believe that changing one thing would change everything. Which means I would like to give myself advice as long as that advice still gave me the children and grandchildren I have.


      1. Oh yes, I am vague…I was severely bullied when in school especially High School. I was not only told the usual things you hear about but was told to kill myself, they tried to break my fingers so each year I ended up in the emergency and I was threatened with my life. Being held up by my throat with my feet off the ground and told they will slice my throat from ear to ear when they get the chance, still stays with a person but it no longer holds me down, not for decades now. I didn’t take art because I was too scared they would make more fun of me.


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