Say You Want A Resolution… #socs #jusjojan

I thiunk I’ll start with the commercial. Now a word from Resolve carpet cleaner. Love the love, Resolve the mess!

This being January, Linda says this is also part of this year’s Just Jot It January, or #jusjojan for those of us in the know…

We stayed in last night and were asleep before midnight, even with the fireworks outside. In case you were wondering.

How many of you watched some of the New Year’s Eve celebrations in your town or city last night? Did any of them feature a local news person going around and asking people what their New Year’s resolution would be? I always want to hear someone say "I’m going to start smoking and gain weight."

Really, New Year’s resolutions are no good, unless you keep them small and achievable. Resolving to give up all social media, for example, is hard to do. Instead, try something like "I’m only going to spend one hour a day on Instagram (or whatever)." Or "I’m only going to check Facebook once a week." Start with something small, and expand it as you master a level. Once you’ve mastered doing Facebook just once a week, kick it down to once every two weeks. I gave up Facebook for Lent one year, and it really showed me that I could do it.

I could launch into a treatise about chord resolution and voice leading, but I won’t…

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  1. Small and achievable is the way to go. Meatless Mondays is a good example. For Catholics, it used to be meatless Fridays. Hey, maybe I can do Facebook Free Fridays. I’ll have to think about that.

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    1. I keep Facebook and Twitter mostly for my family, because most of them haven’t figured out how to comment here. I don’t spend any appreciable amount of time there…


  2. I almost went with resolve carpet cleaner myself. It was my first thought which flowed into an Orbit gum commercial that I often overuse before I decided I better switch gears quickly. I like the idea of small achievable goals in favor of sweeping resolutions that I never keep. The fireworks were back in full swing as were the downtown festivities. I was reading when the midnight barrage began but it was over quickly and I got some much needed sleep. Happy New Years to you and Mary!!


    1. Those Orbit with the British girl are hilarious. Are you talking about the “lint licker” one?

      You start out small with a project and write out a whole list of what has to be done, then you can do it by steps. If you realize you need other steps, you can just add those as you go along. it’s like a software projecty in some ways…

      The kids in the neighborhood shot off all their fireworks by 11:30. It was nice, actually…

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  3. Happy New Year! Fireworks all evening and most of the night!
    As for the advert instead of using Resolve for all things dog mess why not train the dog 😜😂😂😂


  4. We stayed up to “watch the ball drop” (yes, I know I could have seen it at 9 pm but come on!). Toasted with a glass of champagne and then I went to bed and read for a while as usual. Stayed in bed until 9:15 this morning, totally not usual. Hoping this year is spectacularly abundant for all of us. Happy New Year John and Mary!


  5. Your eve sounds kind of like our eve. At midnight I was awakened by several minutes of massive fireworks all around us. My wife said she never heard them. She was sedated by the margarita she had at dinner and the champagne we split later on. After 12 I drifted back to sleep to the sound of the fireworks. Then up again at 6:30. I really wanted to sleep late this morning. Apparently sleeping late is something I can no longer do.

    I’ll skip on the resolutions. Never did them and don’t think much about them.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


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