#bloganuary: An Ideal Road Trip

Today’s prompt is "What is a road trip you would love to take?"

Now, the term "road trip" implies that it can be accomplished in the car, so I’ll leave out any travel that would have to be taken by plane. If we’re talking that, I’d want to go to Ireland, The Netherlands, Russia, Mongolia, South Korea, Japan, the Republic of China (i.e. Taiwan), Australia, India, and Nigeria, all for various reasons.

If, on the other hand, we’re talking a road trip that can actually be done in a car, I’d like to go to the states that I didn’t visit while I was working: Alaska, Idaho, Utah (I did land there once, on my way home from Australia), Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island (again, landed there once, never stayed), and Delaware.

Now, that would be a road trip!

10 thoughts on “#bloganuary: An Ideal Road Trip

  1. Nigeria is an interesting place you picked and love to know why:). I never drove in Europe but I went on a great road trip through the Black Forest, went to, I think, Lake Bodensee onward to Innsbruck, well, near it, travelled through the Brenner Pass to our stop at Brixen (Bressonone in Italian). I was with my Uncle and Aunt who took me in when I was 18 when I went to Austria for 6 weeks.They lived in Freiburg at the time and my Aunt’s family lived in Brixen. Due to fog there was a 400 car pileup on the Autobahn so we had to take the scenic route. I will never forget it as my Uncle stopped at some famous churches along the way. They also took me on a day trip high into the mountains to pick some mushrooms. To say my aunt is crazy on the roadways is an understatement. The Pfefferling mushroom grows on the hillsides/mountainsides and , boy, were they delicious! Mild in taste…just great. When I was picking the mushrooms with my cousins, I looked out and the sun was shining onto the mountainside dotted with pretty homes decorated in flowers. I truly felt I found Shangri-la. I will never forget it. I am not sure I want my lead-footed hubby to drive in Europe.

    I would love to drive in Ireland, Scotland, parts of England, Norway(along the fjords), and Europe. I would love to take a trip across Canada…that is a goal and hubby and I have talked about it. Happy New Year!!


    1. I used to use a limousine service to take me to and from the airport when we only had one car. All the drivers were from Nigeria, and there’s a fairly large Nigerian population in the Atlanta area. Just call me curious…


  2. My best road trip was 1980’s–the entire decade when I was working on the road and just about every day was part of one massive road trip. I love the road!

    By the way, I can’t find your BOTB and below it says Next battle January 1, 2022. Did you forget or am I just not seeing it? Mine is up now if you want to vote on it.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


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