Song of the Day: Victor Borge, “Phonetic Punctuation”

Danish pianist and comedian Victor Borge was born on this day in 1909. One of his more famous sketches is "Phonetic Punctuation," which he performed frequently for live audiences. There’s no music, but a lot of laughs.

16 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Victor Borge, “Phonetic Punctuation”

  1. Love his work and wit. He was great to work with. Outside of working him many times, we filmed a DVD of his routines. The filming took 3 days at Northrop at the U of MN.Fun times.


  2. I love this man! I am making the sound effects while writing this-:) He was so unique and so funny especially when playing the piano. I am going to send this to my friend who teaches English as a second language.


    1. The one I always like is the one where he’s accompanying a coloratura soprano, whose first note is delivered with such power that he falls off his bench, gets up, pulls the straps of a seat belt out of the bench, sits back down and fastens it before she continues…


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