Time, Talent, Treasure #jusjojan

Generosity is a good thing, I think we can all agree. But being generous isn’t a contest, and you’re not necessarily a better person if you give more than someone else. And being generous isn’t limited to money: I have friends that do pet rescue, who volunteer for Habitat for Humanity, who provide tax preparation assistance without expecting anything in return. It’s what you can do to help someone else.

I remember an episode of The Andy Griffith Show where Andy hears from a woman running a charity that Opie only donated three cents to her cause. Andy is furious with Opie, who says he has been saving the money to buy a gift for a girl in his class, and tells the boy that he should have given at least 50 cents to the fundraiser, and when Opie says that he can’t give more because he’s saving for something for his girlfriend, Andy sends him to his room without supper. Naturally, Aunt Bee intervenes and Andy relents, although you can tell he’s still chagrined that his son wants to spend his money on what Andy thinks is a toy or something. Opie tells his father that he wants the money to buy a winter coat for the girl, because the one she has doesn’t keep her warm.

My take? How much Opie did or didn’t give to the woman’s cause was none of her business, nor was it Andy’s, nor anyone else’s. He gave it of his free will, and did so cheerfully, as far as anyone knows. It might have been only three cents, but he was maybe five or six, and maybe that was all he had.

Bottom line: pay attention to your own generosity and mind your own business.

4 thoughts on “Time, Talent, Treasure #jusjojan

  1. Yep, I know that episode. For Andy, he felt he himself would be embarrassed that the sheriff’s son only gave 3 cents, the least of anyone. Also Andy just assumed it was a toy Opie wanted to buy, but as Opie said, he never asked.
    I watch these every day and like them, but some are kind of irritating the way their views were back in those days. 🙂


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