Makin’ Me Late, Keepin’ Me Waitin’ #jusjojan

Linda tells us that today’s primpt comes to us from Pamela over at Butterfly Sand. Be sure and visit her. Her word is ANTICIPATION.

There was a Peanuts cartoon years ago that had the punch line, "the anticipation far exceeded the actual event." How many times has this been true for you, where you were really looking forward to somethng, and when it was over, you said, "really? That’s it? Is that all there is?"

26 thoughts on “Makin’ Me Late, Keepin’ Me Waitin’ #jusjojan

  1. I think the build up is often the most fun unless you think the restaurant everyone raves about has food you would never want to eat again because you think it is dreck. We have one place, near me, that everyone raves and my hubby and I think it is way over-rated. Same with some movies I heard were so great and, then, was really let down by it (Atonement and In The Bedroom…snores to both). Overall, the journey is the most fun.


    1. I wanna be Twinkie The Kid! Or you can be Twinkie The Kid and I’ll be King Ding Dong! (I think Ding Dongs were name something else (Wagon Wheels?) in part of the country.) I do know my Hostess snack Cakes…

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          1. Reminds me how we used to have Dolly Madison stores here in town where you could walk in and get ‘day old bread’ and sweets at discount prices. A box of twinkies that were still good but the box was smashed in a little bit for 1/2 price. That was the only reason mom would buy them otherwise anything individually packed was too expensive. It didn’t help that we’d go through a whole box in one day.


            1. We had the Holsum bakery outlet store that sold day-old bread cheap, and it was perfectly good. They had hamburger and hot dog buns, too. I don’t think they had cookies, though, but we had Salerno and Maurice Lenell for those. Just typing those names makes me feel good…

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  2. I remember when that Peggy Lee song was on the charts. My whole family loved it and we’d hear it often always joining in on the chorus. I can’t recall anything specific that let me down, but I know there have been many such things.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


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