In a Tea Cup #jusjojan

I guess I’m unique in that the first thing (or person) I thought of when I heard that our JJJ word for today, which Linda tells us was suggested by Liz at Valley of the Trolls, tempest, was Tempest Storm, the somewhat infamous stripper.

Let’s face it, being a stripper was hardly a reputable profession, but she brought an air of dignity and professionalism to the job. She was attractive, but not especially pretty, and by today’s standards would be considered a "fat cow," today’s standards being an anorexic and surgically-enhanced college girl. Tempest sent her career into a tailspin when she married actor and singer Herb Jeffries, who was perceived as Black (mostly at his insistence), even though he was half Irish and half a combination of French, Italian, Sicilian, and Moorish. God forbid a White woman would marry a Black man and have his child, at least in the 1950’s.

(I feel a little strongly on the subject of interracial marriage…)

While I was writing about Ms. Storm, another name popped into my head: Troy Tempest. I remember he was in one of several kids’ shows that was animated with marionettes in the ’50’s and ’60’s. A quick DuckDuckGo produced a wiki for the 1964 TV series Stingray.

Troy Tempest. Source: Stingray Wiki

The wiki tells us that they attempted to make Troy’s marionette look like James Garner. Troy’s main squeeze on the show was Marina, who they claimed never spoke (although I remember she spoke to Tempest in a dream once). Her marionette was made to look like Brigitte Bardot.

Marina. She kind of looks like Brigitte. Source: Stingray Wiki.

Stingray was filmed entirely in color in the UK, and was the precursor to Thunderbirds. Beyond that, I haven’t seen it in almost 60 years, so read the wiki if you’re interested…

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    1. True, they are, but back in the day we weren’t so concerned with how they looked. It was an action show, so that’s what we were interested in. Did you ever see “Thunderbirds,” which came out later?

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  1. She is still around, believe it or not. She was autographing photos at Viva Las Vegas in 2018 and was a guest of honor at the burlesque competition. Still glamorous, well into her 80s.


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