In The… #socs #jusjojan

Image by Bruno /Germany from Pixabay

…town where I was born…

…white room with black curtains at the station …

…mornin’, don’t say you love me…

…year, 2525 ….

…mood, that’s it I got it….

…Garden of Eden, baby (they were so high it came out “in-a-gadda-da-vida, baby”)

See how my brain works? There are probably more…

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Now a word about K-Tel’s "Blockbuster," twenty original hits, twenty original stars!

24 thoughts on “In The… #socs #jusjojan

  1. So many cool “in the…” songs. Some were so moody. I thought of 2525, which I liked a lot in the 70s, but now, not so much, maybe it’s too close to home. I think “Yellow Submarine” is the most fun, with “In the Mood” a close second.


    1. “2525” was kind of morbid when it was brand new, and it hasn’t gotten any more pleasant since. I put that in because if I didn’t, someone would ask “why’d you forget 2525?” It was never really a favorite of mine: seemed too bombastic and preachy.

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