Unicorns and More Unicorns #jusjojan

Saw this a while back and, you know, it does make a point…

I watch very little new TV, as most of you know, but one show that I did watch recently was The Unicorn on CBS. It’s the story of Wade Felton, a widowed man with two daughters, who, a year after his wife’s death, decides that he needs to get back into dating under a rulebook that has changed significantly since the last time he was single. Wade has two couples who were friends of his and his wife’s who are bound and determined to get him paired off, because he’s a "unicorn": a stable man with a family and a job.

The show was all right: Wade (played by Walton Goggins) and his two daughters, Grace (played by Ruby Jay, who was in Hulu’s Holly Hobbie) and Natalie (played by Makenzie Moss) made a believable family, and the show was at its best when it showed the three of them and the relationship they had with one another. The friends were Forrest and Delia (played by Rob Corddry and Michaela Watkins) and Ben and Michelle (played by Omar Benson Miller and Maya Lynne Robinson), who had a tendency to want to help Wade too much. The biggest problem with the show was that, as it went on, the show became more about the friends and less about Wade. This might have been a clear case of "too many cooks spoil the soup": there were roughly 13 writers and it was clear that they wanted to write Forrest and Delia, or Ben and Michelle, more than Wade. I heard that the rule was that the lead actor should be on the screen most of the time, but that wasn’t the case here.

All the shows are now on YouTube, if you’re interested.

Shifting gears here: Friday’s Song of the Day, "Cover of Rolling Stone" was written by Shel Silverstein. Here’s another song by Shel, "The Unicorn," which was a #4 hit for The Irish Rovers in 1968 and is a perennial favorite in Irish bars everywhere.

Thanks to Astrid for today’s prompt.

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    1. I’ve figured out that the show would have been 1000% better without Forrest and Delia. One of the reviews on IMDb said that Michaela Watkins is like the kiss of death for shows like this one, and having seen her in action I understand why. Omar Benson Miller, on the other hand, I’ve always liked, and Devin Bright, who played his son, was a riot. I just wish they had played up the relationship between Wade and the girls. There were some great scenes there….

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        1. I hope we see more of him as the years pass. One of my favorite things from The Unicorn was him helping Wade lay out a garden, not just because he was fun to watch, but because the whole notion of an adult giving a kid a shot like that was, for lack of a better term, heartwarming. Kids, especially boys, need that kind of adult attention, and sadly they don’t get it often enough.

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