#bloganuary: Five Things I’m Grateful For Today

  1. Door Dash. Mary’s not felt well the last few days after she did a face plant on the driveway (she’s a lot better, but still kind of feeling it), so we’ve been ordering meals and Door Dash has been bringing them. Today I had Kung Pao chicken and Mary had General Tso’s chicken.

  2. Sunshine. It’s been overcast, but today the sun is out and there’s not a cloud in the sky.

  3. Internet entertainment. Internet radio and YouTube make my life easy and almost fun.

  4. This blog. I have lots of writing to do, and most of it is for the blog.

  5. Sleep. I had a couple of days where I didn’t get enough, and it feels great to feel like I have.

16 thoughts on “#bloganuary: Five Things I’m Grateful For Today

  1. Hi John – I do hope Mary continues to improve … I know how it feels after I did it a few years ago. Glad she’s got you around to pamper her back to health … take care both of you … all the best – Hilary


  2. Hope Mary is doing better! That Door Dash deal is pretty cool. Downstate here Kroger delivers groceries right to your door. Pretty cool, all that. The Chinese food sounds great. I was going to make Szechuan myself tomorrow, but I am feeling under the weather myself. Low fever, fever blisters, headache. So far, negative on the crud. Only had health care workers in here, but who knows. I love your grateful list. I need to make one.


    1. Mary’s doing very well, thanks. She still has a bit of a shiner and is still a little sore, but it didn’t appear to be more than that (no concussion, thank God).

      I should make a grateful list more often…


        1. Thanks for your concern. She’s just about back to normal, though she still has a black eye and a little soreness above it, where her glasses probably dug in.


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