Share Your World For 10 Jan 22

Melanie’s having blog issues, but I’ll link back anyway so you can find her…

Who do you think is an example of a successful person? The person who invented the Thermos bottle. It keeps hot things hot, and cold things cold… how does it know?

Why are you doing what you’re currently doing? I have a bunch of blog entries to write today and I figured I had better get to it.

What is your personal theme song? What else?

What do you think about tofu? Back in my Chinese cooking days, I used to make a dish called ma po tofu that Mary and I both liked. Apart from that, tofu is gross.

I don’t think today is World Tofu Day, but I like the picture…

9 thoughts on “Share Your World For 10 Jan 22

  1. Thank you John for Sharing Your World. Excellent meme ‘answers’ as I’ve come to expect! That version of “Hard Day’s Night” was a trailer for the film, wasn’t it? A perfect theme song I think too! Now I want some good Asian food (not as spicy as you like it, but I admit that Mapo tofu (that was a sort of hot cereal – maple flavored – when I was a kid – made with bran or something) made my mouth water! It sounds like those thermos cups have been a real help to you! Thanks again for playing and have a great week!


    1. That’s the opening scene from “A Hard Day’s Night,” to this day my favorite movie. There are so many jokes in it that it takes multiple viewings to get them all, and even then so many of the jokes rely on knowledge of things that are either specifically British or inside jokes with the group. I’m convinced that there were certain things that were improvised.

      “I want my Maypo!” I remember it, too, and as far as I know they still sell it as well as Malt-O-Meal and Cream O’ Wheat. They just hide it really well in the cereal department.

      The Thermos cups are great. You can get them at Amazon. There are ones with and without handles, so be careful…


    1. I have several Thermos cups, mostly because they close and I’m a klutz and knock them over. I have two for coffee and one for cold drinks like lemonade. Mary made coffee at 10 this morning, and at 10 this evening, after a day in a Thermos mug, it was still warm enough to drink. I swear by them.


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