Song of the Day: Rod Stewart, “Reason To Believe”

Scottish rock and pop singer Rod Stewart turns 77 today. From his 1971 album Every Picture Tells A Story, here’s "Reason To Believe," a Tim Hardin song that was issued on a double A side single with "Maggie May" in 1971. It reached #1 in the UK, but only #62 in the US and #24 in Canada, whilw "Maggie May" reached #1.

17 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Rod Stewart, “Reason To Believe”

  1. I remember this as a girl in my class was ‘Rod besotted’. Many many years later, a lot of people thought we called Maggie ‘Maggie May’ after this song,. In truth she was a people magnet and Maggie just evolved from that. The Maggie May bit was an also ran. Good record though.


    1. Great record, both sides.Rod put out some great music in those days. Still does, but it’s his work in the early ’70’s (when you and I were in high school, or whatever the equivalent is there) that I remember the best.

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      1. I quite like his modern stuff though as he’s singing old favourites his own way (or was. I’ve lost track now as we don;t listen to the radio). It’s funny, but whenever I think of Rod Stewart, I always see Kenny Everett with the balloon in those tight leopard skin leggings singing Do you think I’m sexy!!

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        1. Did you ever see the movie “So I Married An Axe Murderer” with Mike Myers? The father (also played by Myers) is a real Scotsman, and at one point he starts singing “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy” accompanied by a piper…


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