50 Years! #jusjojan

Linda tells us that my good friend Wally…. I’m sorry, Willow has provided the Just Jot It January Word o’ the Day, cosmopolitan. Willow’s essay was a good one, by the way.

Anyway, 2022 is the 50th anniversary of this!

Seems that in 1972, Helen Gurley Brown, publisher of Cosmopolitan magazine, decided to strike a blow for Women’s Lib against Hugh Hefner and the evil Playboy empire. Playboy became famous (or infamous) for publishing a picture of a naked woman in the centerfold of the magazine each month, and Helen decided, "well, two can play at that game!" She got Burt Reynolds to take off all his clothes, lie on a bearskin rug, cover his junk, and allow their photographer to take pictures of him, and then published the best one in the centerfold of Cosmopolitan. The above went to the subscribers and to the women buying the magazine wherever fine publications like Cosmopolitan, Playboy, Field & Stream, Reader’s Digest, and Modern Maturity were sold.

And the world saw it, and was not impressed.

25 thoughts on “50 Years! #jusjojan

    1. Burt played it for laughs, which defeated the purpose. No doubt Helen Gurley Brown did the same thing. It certainly wasn’t an erotic picture…


  1. A teeny smidge before my time so until this moment had been completely oblivious… thanks, John, lol.


  2. From one ” one hand typist to another” Thank you for the follow and not a thank you for the reminder of that image…Have a lovely day, John 🙂


      1. They have always struck me as so smug. I know it is only an image thing. I have no idea what either one is really like. Her Jennifer Marlowe character always drove me up a wall


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