Do It Right, Or Don’t Do It At All #JusJoJan

Not really a protocol

Linda accepted my proposal of protocol for today’s Just Jot It January Word o’ the Day. I’d link to myself, but you’re already here. Thanks for stopping by!

Shirley Temple was briefly the Chief Protocol Officer for the United States. Let that sink in. She was responsible for bringing diplomats and heads of state in to meet President Ford.

I have what’s called a sequential circulator. It’s a machine that alternately inflates and deflates a sleeve that fits around my leg. I have lymphedema, where lymphatic fluid finds its way into my right leg and doesn’t come out. It got really bad after my stroke, so twice I got a lymphatic drainage specialist to work her magic on me. The problem was, it still happened, so finally this last time she ordered me the machine and told me to use it twice a day. The leg still swells up, but the circulator squeezes the lymph back up my leg and into the lymph nodes, from which it makes its way through the lymphatic system and into my bladder. One of the documents I got from the company was an accordion card that has the whole protocol written out for me. In medicine, a protocol is a plan of treatment. But you probably already knew that…

The Internet – indeed, pretty much everything in computers – depends on certain protocols in order to keep the communication going. There are certain protocols for communicating with web servers (HTTP, or Hypertext Transfer Protocol), download servers (FTP, File Transfer Protocol), news (Usenet) servers (NNTP, Network News Transfer Protocol), mail servers (POP, Post Office protocol; IMAP, Internet Mail Access Protocol, which is replacing POP; and SMTP, Simple Mail Transfer Protocol); time servers (NTP, Network Time Protocol) etc. ad nauseum. The web made the Gopher protocol (developed at the University of Minnesota and used to work with Gopher pages) obsolete. That’s sad, because two of the additional programs that went with Gopher were Archie and Veronica (I was hoping they’d get to Betty and Jughead).

Oh well, life is full of little disappointments…

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